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Monday, 7 November 2011

Cats, Celts and Comedy Classics :D

So! Firstly, it is "Cat" week over at the Butterfly Effect.
I've never pretended I like cats, but I was inspired by Amy's Bat-winged Cat this is how I picture her....dancing in the sky :D
(Acrylic and stickles on soluble wax crayon)
If you like her Amy I'll send her to you :D

Next are some pics of the Celtic Christmas Stamp set I bought recently...Thought Virginia might want a closer look :D I got them in a sale for £5!!!!!

And now....The classiest piece of graffiti ever!!!
Not that the small town my son is living in(as uni student) is posh, but graffiti in Latin????

Which has been corrected and graded by someone else??? Now that shows the Class difference still exists in England :S

I am reliably informed by shorty(who doesn't read Latin) that it is a line from Monty Python's Life of Brian. The rebels are caught writing "Roman's go home" on a wall. The guards critique their grammar and then make them write it out 100 times...all over the walls ha! Job done!

AND......I won Magaly's Wicked Bookmark!!! Yay!!!

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. That kitty is awesome, Gina! :) And some very smart graffiti. LOL!

  2. Loving the cat (I'm really a "dog person" but yours is fun).
    And laughing at the graffiti - only in England!!lol
    Hugs xx

  3. I love this beautiful cat with wings.

  4. Your cat is so FREE! Love her very much -- classy cat! The graffiti makes me roar. I am such a Monty Python fan .. makes sense to me .. and yes, only the Brits! Thank god for that sense of humour. :o) Donna

  5. Fantastic cat drawing, love the fresh colors.

  6. That is a beautiful kitty. I love that it is about to take flight; just delightful. And the graffiti bit is too funny!

    Congrats on the win. I can't wait to charge it and send it your way ;-)

  7. the batwings. on a cat.

    yes yes YES.

    omigod. i love it.

    I. Love. It.

    this graffiti - it's so cool. latin.

    i think an educated delinquent is really the best sort.


    Please Please i'd be so thrilled to own it!

    it's me! with socks!

  8. wait. my comment got all funny. what i meant was that i'd love to own the bat winged cat.

    but my sentences got all mixed up.

    and it wasn't even because of wine.



  9. Crazy Graffiti! loving the pussy cat though swoon ;0) Dxx

  10. great card.

    your soup sounds yummy... very yummy - my kinda soup. if i was there, i'd be over in a heartbeat!

    hugs :)

  11. Very cooool cat - LUV it.
    Yes - I've seen the film and that sketch is hysterical.
    Volo vos a mirus dies :-D

    Ike xxx

  12. Bat winged cat is really neat....makes me wish there was such a thing :)

    Wow, that graffitti went over my head at first...haha! Gotta love Monty Python!

  13. your bat-winged cat has the most wonderful stripey knee socks. That graffiti is hilarious.