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Monday, 17 October 2011

The making of Mabel....

At the request of the lovely Donna here is a photo heavy post on the Making of Mabel :D

Mabel appeared as my birthday post for Amy in september (and I never thought of posting the make,,?!) So here goes.....
I started with this papier mache skull I bought from a craft store for £2.99!

I painted it with white gesso, and collected loads of tissue paper in colours I thought represented flesh tones.
Loved the "cleaness" of the base coat!!

Next I built up layers of tissue...literally haha!

The top layer is gold tissue, which came out a subtle skin tone when applied over the pink and red.
I left a large area "clean bone" to show the original wound that turned Mabel in the first place(see scratches in the skull from other zombie claws?)
So Mabel needed hair. I had this ball of stranded thread, so I cut lengths and glued to her scalp.
(I call it "doing a Rooney" but you need to be an english football supporter to get that joke)

Obviously the transplant wouldn't take on the scalped area....

" A look at the back madam?"
A pretty headband/fascinator made from garden wire/fluffy yarn and crocheted flowers....

Her eyes are made from scrunched up white tissue, drawn on with promarkers

Hope you enjoyed this post Donna :D XXX


  1. Wow gina very cleverly done love the Rooney comment lol (No I don't watch play like football) it's a bit much that it made the news don'tcha think lol. Your skull looks wonderful I hope you use this as a center piece it certainly deserves pride of place ;0) Dawn xx

  2. Great 'make' post Gina, love the hair and lips the best I think, but I also like her eyes and teeth, aww go on I like all of her I think she great. :-) xx

  3. EEK!!!
    That's fabulous!!! What fun!!!
    And your pics made it easier to understand the process.
    i'm pointing a few friends in your direction now!!!

  4. I enjoyed it :)
    i wondered about that cool skull when you posted it - i loved it then and i love it now :)

  5. Om my this is just too cool and cute plus creative !!
    Rose at Plush Possum sent me over,glad she did I'm following now. Hope you'll do the same !

  6. Wow! (Oh yes, I get the Rooney... lols!) Plush Possum told me about this and I rushed over. She's wonderful!

  7. BOO! holy moly girl! where you been keeping all this talent? this is awesome. i'm VERY impressed!

    hugs :)

  8. Gina you truly made me smile, such a fun fun piece and tutorial. Love the rooney joke and the transplant. I soooo fancy trying something like this hehehe... you are an inspiration my friend
    Hugs June xxx

  9. Thanks for the wonderful photos. Mabel looks fabulous.

  10. Wow!! Really delicious and sweet, even if you look a little strange ...