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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The story continues.....

This week it is my turn to add to Amy's "once upon a time" neverending story :D

Nobody had ever asked the girl in the blue scarf what she had actually done to damage her hair so badly.......

"Once long ago, I had a beautiful flowing mane of hair(that's probably why my dog turned into a horse after munching on it for so long!!)
There was to be a competition to find the most stunning locks in the land.
I knew I was sure to win(because Amy painted me, and she always has such fabulous hair), but just to be on the safe side, I spoke special magickified words that called up help to get me ready(which I can't type here because it would be dangerous and irresponsible).
I asked the four elements, Water, Earth, Air and Fire, to prepare my hair for the judges.......
I must not have been very careful with my words( everyone knows you MUST be VERY CAREFUL what you ask for when magick is involved ,right?)

So, first came Water to wash my hair with gentle dewdrops.
But it wasn't was monsoon rain!

Then came Earth, to add minerals and flowery petal perfumes.
But it wasn't flowery petal was mud and rotting leaves!!

Next came Air, to dry my mane with the softest summer breeze.
But it wasn't the softest summer was gales and storms!!!

And then came Fire, who was pissed at being asked last......

enough said!!!!

So now I cover my head with this blue scarf, so no one can see the prize vanity brought me....with the help of four very naughty elemental sprites."

4 canvases, each 7 cm square. Acrylic paints, assorted paper scraps and stickles(glitter glue)
Linking to Amy's blog, "Once upon a time" story. Why don't you drop Amy a line and join in? :D


  1. This is beautiful. I love how the elements come alive (and sometimes burn a little) on her hair. I also nod at the implication that Nature and her sprites can be naughty to the point or destruction.

    Yay for the elements!

    P.S. I read "It's Summer Where You Are" and I'm still smiling at the dose of love I got from reading/seeing your memories of your dad.

  2. :) hahahaha - don't ask fire last. Now I know :))

  3. Gorgeous creations, thanks for sharing with us at CYDA, hope to see you again, Gaynor DT :)

  4. I missed your story! Luckyly I went back to check when it's my turn. This explains everything about her hair. :)

  5. can't wait for my turn, this is a wonderful addition to the story.... thanks for sharing!

  6. I just stumbled onto your story from Amy's blog- LOVE the addition! I'd been wondering what had happened to her hair.......

  7. Fab pictures!

    Thanks for joining in with our challenge at Craft Your Days Away.