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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MASKerade part 2

So, as promised, another post for The Butterfly Effect's "Mask" theme :D
Decided to try a painting, with lots of paint!! and powerful colours!!
I'm usually quite reserved where colour is concerned, but having seen such stunningly colourful pieces from other participants I think it's well past time I had a go!

I started by pasting a base portrait onto a piece of watercolour card, which I later coated with white gesso. (lots of waiting for stuff to dry....)

When those 2 layers had dried, I squooshed acrylic paints (red /yellow/blue) straight onto the board, and smooshed it around with a dry brush.(like the techno speak??)
and waited for it to bored...thought out of the box.....make another kind of mask while waiting :D

This is luuuurvely, sparkley, lavender flavoured(not edible), purpley-pink, face mask stuff from a tube !!

Waiting for more stuff to dry....groan!

but awesomely funny to peel off hahaha! :D

Freaky or what?!?! Suppose Mabel could make use of this :D

After everything dried, I added layers of paint to face.....

dry brushing thinner layers so it dried quicker :)

cut out a mask and added feathers to trim, before gluing onto portrait.

I raised the mask on silicone glue to give a 3d effect.
Enjoy :D XXX

Creavil Challenge#17 Halloween(well I think it's scary)


  1. h aha haah

    I have never been brave enough to show what I do whilst waiting for layers to dry

    Dangerous When Bored ....

    colour is your friend... I adore your self portraits...


  2. I want to paint your portrait - you have fantastically beautiful alive face and hair, where do you live?

    if it is southern hemishpere ( why do I think you live in Aus???) can you send me a very high res photo via my contact page on my website? if it is northern hemisphere and European maybe I could come see you to do it?

    when 'tis done if you like it you can have it.


  3. Lol! That mask is freaky! :) Great painting and fabulous you. :)

  4. Wow! Great art :)
    xoxo Sioux
    Love the spooky mask! LOL

  5. Wow, that's cool - great painting. Your mask is really spooky :D

  6. Oh so hauntingly creative and spooky!

  7. Wonderful composition. I really enjoyed every part of the process. At the end of an excellent work.

  8. Wow, what a creation! Thanks for sharing the creative steps along the way (I just love those peel-off facials).... and thanks for sharing with us at For Fun Challenges!

  9. Blown Away, Gina. Love how your mind works .. I never would have thought of that. Results are terrific. Inspiring, I must say. :o) Donna

  10. Wow Gina, thats an amazing creation, you have just the most amazing mind my friend.
    big hugs
    June xxxx

  11. This is so cool. Thanks so much for playing along on FOr Fun with such a awesome project!

  12. Wow! What a great painting. Very interesting to someone who is not an artist....I can glue but that is about it!!

    Thanks for playing with us at For Fun Challenges by going Halloween but with NO purple, orange or black. Hope to see you Wednesday when our new challenge is posted!

  13. Too funny! Makes me want to slather elmer's glue on my hand and peel it off...did you ever do that in school?

    Love your masked portrait...the raised effect is..well, effective ;P

  14. What a cool project you have done. Really smashing! THanks for playing with us over at For Fun this week.
    Love n hugs

  15. HOW did i miss this post?

    I love this!

    how did i miss this???????

  16. Amazing project! I just love your portrait mask. Thanks for sharing the steps. I 'd love to adapt the idea for my students if you don't mind. And thanks for joining us at For Fun Challenges!

  17. Firstly, that face mask begs to be painted and entered in a freaky challenge like HDH, Forever nights or something! Lol. Secondly... LOVE that Doone says you're Dangerous when bored. THAT is hilarious and my new catch phrase for the week. Thirdly, I can not wait to blog my Dangerous When Bored moment and share with you what happens in my world when paint dries. Lastly, That is a magnificent portrait! The mask is the perfect colour match and texture change to it all. Love it!