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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Totem Animals

Or..way too many photo's!!! :D

I recently mentioned that my new tattoo contained the image of my "Totem Animal" and was asked for more detail as to what I meant, so here goes...

Now I am no expert so these are purely my own thoughts on the subject.
Rule 1: if it feels right it probably is!
I said my totem animal is the she-wolf, but I actual consider myself to have 3 totems(by which I mean animal spirit guides) Wolf/ Hare/ Bee
To work out your totems, start by making a list of your personalty traits and needs, then try and match them up with creatures from nature.
For me the wolf represents my "loner" nature, strength of purpose, pack leader and protector.
The Hare is my link to the Earth spirit(mother nature) being a creature of the fields, secretive, playful, yet ever watchful.
And the Bee, a hard worker, busy busy busy, surrounded by flowers, contented to provide food for others(not to mention defying science by it's ability to perform the impossible...flying)

The Hare also represents my desire to be part of the wilderness. I made this cross-stitch a few years ago, I sketched the image straight onto the aida(copyright free image from a school resource book). It shows a mother Hare with her 2 leverets(me and my boys)
Take your time, and your totems will seek you out. Sit quietly in a place you consider safe and peaceful and call them. You may already have an obvious spirit guide, I have always had bees around me. Whenever I move house my first visitor is always a bee(you'll have to take my word for that :D). You may naturally be drawn to a certain kind of animal, people are often referred to as "cat" or "dog" or "horsey" people. I'm a "dog" person hence the wolf!(I'm to untrusting to be a domestic dog). Whatever animals come into your mind while you are in a relaxed state are probably the right ones for you.
I have decided to make a canvas depicting my totem animals. Was going to do a Totem pole but it didn't feel right for me.
The sunflower is a Moon Daisy, as I am totally ruled by the moon(wolf! Hare!), but I wanted a flower for my Bee :D
working with blendable pastels, which is new for me.....
and loads of colour, though I had to fight my darker side over this one as she wanted to work in greys mwahahaha....

I actually really enjoyed the strong colours

When I'd covered the whole canvas I thought I better seal it, so I covered it with clear gesso.
Wasn't sure if it would smudge or bleed, so I put it on thick and hoped for the best
YAY !!!! It worked :D Phew!!
Added a bit of detail with indian ink pen....

and done.
Chunky Monkey thinks his totem might be a Gorilla, strong, shy, avoiding confrontation, yet dangerous when provoked :D Can't disagree with that haha!
When you find your totem animals, why not make a representation for yourselves, it will bring them just that bit closer, and help them guide you through life's trials :D XXX



  1. Beautiful work, I like your totem animals are very friendly.

  2. Great work of art Gina, love the colours and the way you have place your totems. :-) xx

  3. What a fun post! You really have the talent to lead others in doing their own totem animals display. Hope you'll get around to teaching someday!

  4. P.S. Bitchin' background choice for Halloween!

  5. Wow that's a gorgeous work of art and I'm glad your dark side refrained and let your colours be the bolder statement.

  6. oohh, after work I am going to sit quiet and let my animals find me...

    also I will wall to wall you regarding next week...


  7. Great post! Thank you for doing this. Part of me thinks mine would be a cat as I adore them so much, I find them so wise and calming... another part of me keeps thinking the sloth! That can't be good? Right? :D

    Adore your beautiful artwork on this post!

  8. Will have to try this Gina, cats, bees and butterflies immediately come to mind for me.
    Love your canvas that came out of this, such an inspired piece.
    Have a great weekend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  9. Wonderful paintings, you're very creative.

  10. i love this post. I LOVE it. do you mind if i copy this idea in a roundabout way? let me know :)

  11. u just keep surprising me. this is awesome. did you design your own tat? good show girlfriend.!

    hugs :)