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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rush job :D

I am so behind with my art journal pages for Darcy, but managed to grab some time today and did 3 :)
The 1st is page 30: SMILE
Perhaps not the right time of year for this one?!?
The legend reads "Beware the welcome in his grin...!" (and there are lime green highlights and eyes but they haven't shown up on this pic??)

The 2nd is page 33:Bargain.
This week I went to the Stamp Fair at Doncaster, and got these 3 wood mounted stamps for 50p that's a bargain! My favourite is the heart shaped earth(I drew one of these in my sketchbook, and now I have a proper stamp....spooky!) The motto reads "Love your Mother" over the planet so very appropriate to me :D I also consider the backing paper a total bargain, as it is made from the scraps of paper I clean/test my stamps on.

The 3rd is page 39:Crayon
Having read Amy's post about encaustic art, I thought "I wonder how wax crayons feel about being ironed?" It seems they quite like it :) They didn't melt and smudge about like the proper wax does, but the heat seem to have "fixed" the surface and made the pic chalky looking.(Do not iron directly onto wax, put a layer of paper over it first. I now have a cool bit of backing paper from where the excess wax transferred onto the other paper)

Stay tuned....only 10 pages to catch up.....!!


  1. OMG Gina, you will never believe after I faffed about on your blog a bit, you inspired me. For the last two hours I have been creating surreal art having a blast! Posting soon. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  2. Way cool post! Love the dream journal. Th ecover is wonderful! So subtle, and yet bold. Love the shape! Did you do this yourself?
    As for the welcome grin at the top, well, I guess he needs a new toothbrush!!!LOL

  3. never smile at a crocodile,
    not you can't get friendly with a crocodile,
    don't be taken in
    by his friendly grin,
    he's just trying to see how well
    you'll fit within his skin....

    will sing you the tune on Sat.

  4. :) hahahahaha i'm laughing because before i edited this comment it said, 'meat'
    i meant 'neat!!!"

    but i was exclaiming 'meat!'

    it's possible i'm tired.

    hey. i made these crayon cakes things in muffin tins. they are a mixture of all different colors, then i can iron the cakes or color with them and it is a neat multicolored thing.

    that made no sense. i think it's on one of my old old posts that i deleted.
    i'll try and find the cakes and photo them for you.

    you'll see what i mean - they are easy to make.

  5. Amazing stuff Gina! From the creepy grin to the faux "encaustic" I love them!
    And great recycling....never thought of using my test pages as!
    Hugs xx

  6. How cool, you've been very creative. Thanks for the smile on my face for the first one :D and I love the colors of the last one.