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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Would you Adam and Eve it!!!

This week at The Butterfly Effect the suggested theme is "Surrealism"
Not a style I've ever tried before, so I experimented in my "Try it out" book.
(yes I had been watching Strictly Come Dancing :D)
Having found my main characters, I changed to working on a canvas board...

decided they were called Adam and Eve, and a tree of snakes was born. I thought they needed some background music, and added a strip of sheet music(from my Treasure Lucky Bag found at Dezinaworld), re-drew the characters over the top, and gave Eve roller-skates (makes a change from an apple)

Started adding colour, using the line of music section the piece.

The main thing I associate with surrealism is Monty Python, so had to have the flying moustacheode man :D

The gentleman and the beady dress front were also from the Treasure Lucky Bag, while the flowers are made with blobs of stickles

And lets face it, one of the most surreal programmes on tv is "Strictly Come Dancing" or "Dancing with the Stars" as it's know in the U.S. (my guilty pleasure :D)XXX



  1. Gina its Ginaeeeous lol. Love what you did its fab and fun. so cute and cleverly crafted.
    thanks my friend for letting me know where to come see it and for the links. you are so good to me
    hugs June xxxxxx
    ps if you fancy adding it to the dezinaworld member gallery (linked under side bar ) Please do, i would love it

  2. Really delightful drawing. The moon, sun and love. To me Eve Adam is a star and a single asteroid, Eva has always been a very interesting character.

  3. Enchanting! So much fun to read about and watch develop. And, as I was reading, a thought dawned: why not have a try at something similar, only going the full Pythonesque route?
    Terry Gilliam's work aside, this one is delightful!
    Thanks for sharing the process.

  4. That really looks cool. :) I love seeing it develop from a sketch to a finished piece. I never watch dancing with the stars. I might be missing out. :)

  5. A wonderful piece, it brightened my heart.

  6. you should open a gallery! i'm am blown away more and more by your work! how fun!

    love the ice cream recipe you left me - yummo!

    hugs :)

  7. I am surrounded by salamaders,

    and I have to explain to my Kids why it is okay for me to meet up with online contacts and it isn't okay for them,
    all of this is down to you,

    I explained by saying - have you ever met a person as scary as me, they both said no so I know I have prepared them for the wide world,

    they are all out on Saturday so we can do mayhem without prying eyes...

  8. salamanders I missed out an n

  9. LOVE IT!!!! This is genius. I'm joining this wacky challenge for sure. Love to create some weirdness. The roller skates are the perfect touch of surreal too. It was cool seeing pics of your art become product. And LOVE that your hubby 'REG' can speak the official car-frenzy language of Bugattian too - so funny! It won't be hard to find inspiration for surreal occurrences in my life!

  10. I've always thought the moon and the sun made a striking couple. Give them music and let the magic begin!

  11. i LOve monty python :)

    I love this canvas.