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Monday, 14 November 2011

Me and My Goddess...

The theme at The Butterfly Effect this week is Ancient Goddess, and most of you already know that I am a Goddess worshipper, but I have never given a lot of detail.

Many years ago I decided to study the in read it, and though I found it fascinating I was always left lacking(no offence intended). I wanted to know more about who wrote it, when and why.
Now answers to those questions tend to be "all you need to know is it is the word of God", never a good enough answer for me, sorry but it is not an answer!
So after reading lots of books, I settled my mind on the oldest "biblical" story that seemed to be universally accepted as historically proven, which is that Queen Semiramis of Babylon/Mesopotamia, was the 1st woman linked to the virgin birth story(said by some to cover the fact that she was a prostitute). She ruled for 102 years(allegedly, years then were different lengths to ours) around 4000 to 3500 BC. She declared herself a God, and is believed to be the root source of all other Goddesses, such as Venus , Aphrodite, Diana....dare I say Mary?

Her titles include, Builder of Walls(hanging gardens) and Fortifications
Branch Bearer(as in olive branch/bringer of peace)
Gift of the Sea(apparently where Nimrod met her)
Mother of Heaven/Bringer of the Seed(mother of the son of God), and one of her symbols is the wood pigeon, which has become the dove of peace and representative of the Holy Spirit.

She was also known as the protector of children and the elderly, and is called she who will smite the serpent in the head, and is often depicted with a headless snake.

I know there are lots more books I haven't read, and that by some she is seen as a murderous prostitute(generally people wanting to down grade her authority), but to me she is The Mother Goddess, protector of the helpless, builder and defender of walls. She was not ousted by her people, her successor was! And her "cult" has continued throughout history, under many different guises.

Did you know, that her official title was "Woman", the word Queen did not exist, and to be known as "Woman" was a great honour(as opposed to wife/mother/sister), as in A Woman in her own right!

My picture isn't finished yet....but I think there is enough to show :D

Blessed Be :D XXX



  1. A delicious goddess. I love the water emanates, wonderful colors.

  2. Wow, that's a fantastic painting, your goddess looks great.

  3. That was interesting to read. I have never heard of her. Gorgeous painting! :)

  4. this is a wonderful post.
    a wonderful post.

    it is an honor to be a woman. a woman is Many Many things, and we sure as hell will smite the damn head off a serpent when the situation calls for it.


  5. I learned something new today,thank you and the art is beautiful.

  6. Wow she is a beautiful goddess Gina and I too love how she emerges from the water. The story behind your inspiration is fantastic too xxx

  7. I loved this Queen Semiramis, someday I will devote a photo. I wish you a happy night.

  8. i just started reading the New Testament. i started with the Old Testament, but my church is more about the new one so everytime i go to the bathroom, i read a chapter. sick i know, but hey, at least i'm reading it!

    fabulous creation.

    love your new blog look. i have one in the works and can't wait for it to be done. i hope it'll be very GLITTERBABE!

    hugs :)

  9. I LOVE her! I love all her names and all her meanings. She's also gorgeous. :o) Donna

  10. great painting... and I had never heard of Queen Semiramis, she represents powerful, near to me things, I'll definately have to read more about her! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I love seeing her emerge from the sea. Beautiful energy in this piece. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    Many Blessings!~*