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Thursday, 17 November 2011


Haven't blogged for a few days cos I was feeling a bit yucky. Thought I'd cheer myself up by watching some free art classes from Amy and Natasha at Flutterbye
I got inspired and energised. I struggle with "messy art" but have always wanted to try, so I took ideas from several different classes and went for it, so here goes!!!
I took about a gazillion photos so major editing but I think these pics will show the process.

Step 1 Found a book as advised on Altered book class( yes this is/was an official government issue jobby. A4/ hardback/embossed, bought as job lot in an auction by BIL, but it is only an index so no secrets)
After demolishing it Amy style, and spending a whole day glueing pages together, I covered a double spread with bits of paper from my(huge!!!) scrap box.
Next I painted over the paper with white gesso and added pics of STUFF that inspire me to do art :D. I was making chutney/listening to music/distracted by sparkly glass jars/bottling homemade crab apple brandy liqueur....and watching plants grow....that about sums up most days for me :D
Then I doodled with new Zig paint pens(cool but smelly)
The colours came out too strong for me, so I painted over with pearlescent acrylics...
Then white acrylic(I know crazy stuff, but this is what the classes are about)...
Now I had a base built of STUFF that is inside and outside of me, so it was time to add me!
Layers of smooshy acrylic paint, in colours I would normally shy from...
just banging on 1 layer after another(without waiting for it to dry)...
Then the strange thing happened. I was starting to pick out shapes in the background that had gotten obscured, when my inner animal appeared!!!
No joking....this is just how the piece progressed...I think it's called intuitive painting

And then I realised what was happening...all the layers of STUFF are what makes me ME!

I can seriously recommend having a go at this kind of was so much fun, just picking stuff up and using it!!

Thank you Amy and Natasha for your generous freeingness!!! :D


  1. Wow Gina this is great I love the evolution of your piece. It is great how you have nature in the background and you transformed into a very cute and cuddly animal. I found the flutterbye blog through your blog and now I want to go and take some lessons too xxx

  2. This is wonderful! It makes me happy!!!! I think you are great. I'm sorry that you felt a bit shit the past few days. I was feeling a bit shit too - must have been the moon.

  3. Wonderful, I love the process actually is like several works in one have been exquisitely documented.

  4. It's great to see the transitions, the process. You can see as the piece progresses that you really start to own it. Awesome!! :D