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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moonlit Kitty

After seeing lots of people making cards with stitching on, I bought this diddy sewing machine so I could have a go......that was about a year ago now...naughty Gina :(
Anyhoo, Amy had another free class in which she stitched a piece of fabric onto card before painting it....*dig out machine* :D
gather bits of fabric card, and one of the pages I cut out of my altered book to stitch dog pic in last week( for I had a cunning plan!!!), and stitch all 3 layers together....
works better if you thread machine 1st......:S
Yay!!! Stitching....and it only took 3 attempts at threading :D
Next....loose control of devil beast machine!!!
but at least all the layers are stitched together haha!
Draw Kitty (yes Amy, I drew a kitty for you! Don't get used to this, it's a treat!)
Paint over fabric with cheap acrylic paint(use very little water as the paint will bleed )
I was going to paint a moon, but then I got to thinking moonlight :)
So the kitty is now called Bubbles!
Now for cunning plan....use the kitty pic to make a Fold out page in my altered book!!
Gessoed both facing pieces for future decorating, and laced outer edges together with 3mm ribbon....
AMY!!!! I did a Fold out!! :D Yay me :D
Hope you enjoyed this bit of silliness :D and remember....make sure your layers are dry before lacing together or your pages won't fold out ;)
If this appeals to you, check out Amy's Cat Class (it's free!!)


  1. I love the moonlight with the cat, excellent composition.

  2. How cool, congrats to your stitching :) You've created a wonderful piece of art.

  3. Te va a quedar un libro realmente encantador.

  4. It'll be a really sweet book.

  5. holy crap! this is fabulous. i HATE sewing. actually sewing HATES me. HATES me! i kid you not, trust me. this is stunning! sheesh!

    hugs :)

  6. The cat is in our sky
    not going to go home if you are not
    I do not know love beautiful night
    I feel that you are in the star

    The cat who is sad and blue
    never forget that you were mine
    know me more suffering
    because in my eyes ... There is a tear.

    It is a song by Roberto Carlos for over 40 years

  7. yes the darned beast machines sometimes have a mind of their own, especially if the dog steps on the accelerator whilst I am looking the other way - have nearly lost a finger that the fold out cat page, and of course you know books in any shop or form are my first and best love...


  8. this is GREAT!

    and more: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Well, your "bit of silliness" looks lovely. I can't saw a thing, so to me it is a masterpiece ;-)