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Saturday, 26 November 2011

El Gato que esta triste y azul.......but rocked my world :D

Had a bit of a stressy week, with Chunky Monkey managing to get most of the week off, but it did give me plenty of time for crafting......:D
But what really made me smile this week was when my Bubbles by moonlight pic reminded Leovi of an old song, and she/he(sorry Leovi I don't actually know if your male or female, how weird is that?) left me a verse from the song in my comments box.
I searched tinterweb to find the full lyric and artist (Roberto Carlos, aka El Rei, the King of Latin Music!!)
The song is called "El Gato que esta triste y azul" which google translates as "The Cat who is sad and blue!" How perfect is that for my fold-out page title???!

And the beer bottle top hubby treated me to this week....."Blue Moon"...and he squished it for me too :D
So the sentiment goes to hubby...cos" Life with you is Stardust and Moonbeams"

I hid the song lyrics (translated into english by google :S) inside the page
The little strip at the top reads "the cat is in our sky"
and included a pic of said Roberto Carlos from the 70's/80's :D
This is how it looks folded-in :D
So yet another big shout out for Amy and her free classes at Flutterbye.ning, for keeping me sane this sane as I can be ;P
And thanking my baby niece for reminding us of the magic of this season...we took her shopping for trimmings and she was totally awestruck with all the trees and bling :D

So those are the things that Rocked My World this was yours?


  1. A lovely list Gina - great journal pages and what a beautiful song.
    Great to see Christmas through the eyes of a child :)
    Hugs xx

  2. "The cat that is in the darkness
    Knows there is a tear in my soul"

    I LOVE Roberto Carlos; grew up with his music. And Julio Iglesias, Juan Gabrie...

    Those deep sentimental lyrics seemed to be singing to me. What a beautiful page; and I had to take an extra breath when you said to your hubby "Life with you is Stardust and Moonbeams." Too precious...

  3. Oops! Juan Gabriel is missing an "l" lol

  4. :)))

    happy weekend!!

    hey, also - you had problems with linqto - were you able to get into the class while it was live? i have had So many problems with linqto - please email their support people (the address is on the main linqto page) and tell them your exact problem and what session and link you were using. it's the only way to get it all sorted out. because i really want it to get fixed - i like the platform, but i hate how people are being left out. :((

  5. Loving this posting, beautiful, the pages, the thoughts, everything about it made me think and ponder - love it!

    I hope you continue to have a beautiful and blessed weekend!!!!

    Biggest hugs


  6. What a surprise! I never thought that my comment would inspire you to complete so delicately input jack in your book. You have been wonderful. By the way, I am a man. Greetings.

  7. A wonderful project, looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo.

  8. Lovely post. Love it when someone says something and it just ignites that spark :)

  9. A fabulous blue creation and what a cute photo of your niece. Christmas rocks for me, I have got the decs down this weekend..
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  10. Definitely think that Christmas is an ideal holiday for children.

  11. beautiful, but your niece is the real beauty in this post! wowza!

    hugs :)

  12. Love your journal pages and how they came about! It was my intention to make it to Amy's class and I didn't. :o( AND .. adore the photograph of your niece. I had to have a harness when I was that age as I would run away and play hide and seek ... under counters, in dress racks .. etc. Naturally, I didn't warn anyone before the game began and my parents were frantic ... thus the harness. xxDonna