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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

OMG!! I Loved today!!!

I've been a bit grouchy this last week as I couldn't get any time to myself to relax and do arty stuff, but today Chunky Monkey went to school...and stayed!!! All Day!!!
Hubby went to work, and stayed.....all day!!!
So I got to play :D Baby niece's (xmas pressie) dolls house arrived and baby sis says "would you mind building it for me and keeping it til xmas eve?" Ha! Could force myself...heehee!
Then to top it all off, the post man brings a gift from Magaly!!! I won a book mark from her last month, and it arrived in a rather large packet.....cos it came with a book!!! I love books....I love Faerie folk lore.....I love Magaly :D !!! And it smells divine...! THANK YOU MAGALY :D

So, what did I play at?? Another of Amy's free classes :D
This week she has been showing us how to make a 3/4 portrait with a tilted head.
I prepped a double spread in my altered book by gluing in a photo of some crazy paving made from broken headstones.......(I know it sounds ghoulish, but it was actually a beautiful area in an old church yard, and the paved area had a bench and rose beds)

On the opposite page I added white gesso, but not before noticing a section heading that said "Withers The Future". I don't know what it was referring to, but the words seemed to fit the page I was planning.
I then used Amy's "4 eyes" method to place a tilted face .
Added a bit more detail and rubbed out guide lines.
I think she has an oriental look :)
I added colour with watercolour pencils, then blended with a "damp" brush.
Next I gave her blue/black hair.
I LOVE HER!!! I know it's not cool to blow your own trumpet....but I am thrilled with how she turned out :D
I had to give her something to look at, so I added some collage images I won from Katina Wright as a prize for Inspiration Avenues "Wings of Inspiration" challenge last month :D
This one is a cherub and some butterflies carrying a crystal ball. I have added crackle glaze to the ball(but I couldn't wait for it to dry :S)
I emphasised the broken pieces of stone with black pencil, and wrote between them with a gold pen.
The butterflies are also from Katina :D
(oops! Took that picture before I added the writing:S)

Hope your day has been as joy filled as mine :D XXX


  1. Love your tilted head and the accents you've added to the pages :)
    The book looks wonderful - enjoy!
    Hugs xx

  2. awesome!
    the portrait looks so cooool!

    this marmite situation... i do think the yellow berets are unifying quite well - soon we'll be prepared for a full takeover :))


  3. Wow that's gorgeous I love it! Well done you for managing some crafting!

  4. Portrait is awesome and you did such a great job connecting both sides of the page spread. Love the color of the paving. :)

  5. Great, that you've had a wonderful day :) Your altered pages are beautiful.

  6. Wow Gina.. this portrait is stunning. It is too gorgeous for a book. You really should frame this. You are such a talented artist. Will you decorate the dollhouse? Don't forget to take a picture of it when you finish:) Glad you had a fun day.

  7. Lovely with a nice look, I like the composition on the right with excellent tones and shapes.

  8. good golly! how do you draw like that? she's gorgeous! i love the background too.

    papers should probably be in my mailbox today. i never left the house yesterday. you are just too darn sweet.

    hugs :)

  9. What a gorgeous 2 page spread! you go ahead and blow that trumpet, Gina! This is knock-out work you're doing!
    Enjoy your winnings!

  10. I love the effect of the crumpled sheet, I used it once too.

  11. I know I've said it many times, but hey, I don't mind repeating the truth. I love to watch as your art comes alive. It is precious and the result is amazing.

    I'm very happy you liked your gift. Like I said, the art style made me think of you.

  12. A very interesting book. Greetings.

  13. Unusual and striking! Thanks for sharing your process - the textures on the right page are so intriguing!....

  14. You did have a beautiful day!!! Your pages in your book are just stunning!!!

  15. the broken stones are so beautiful! I love the way you integrated them into your work. The 3/4 portrait came out great. That class is on my to-do list - I can't fathom how to do a face at that angle on my own.

  16. I love the broken stones, and your portrait came out great you must be so pleased :)

  17. Wow, I can see why you are so happy with her - she turned out lovely - and the background with the cracked texture is amazing!! Wonderful piece Gina.