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Friday, 2 December 2011

What's Rocking my day today?.....

Not giving a S**t!!!
I love blogging cos it lets me be who I am! Like so many of you, I spend my life being what others need at any given time, but just sometimes......I need to just be me, and you guys let me !!
So HUGE amounts of KUDOS to all of you:D
Today, when Chunky started the "I hate school" routine, instead of going through the step by step reassurances and discussions on why he had to go.......I said "go back to bed then". Now I normally jump through hoops to make sure school knows what is ..I haven't. It is now 10.20am, and even though Chunky makes his own way to school(and I always phone by 8.30 if he is staying home) no one has contacted me to let me know he hasn't turned up! So why have I been stressing out making sure he gets there???

Anyhoo, I have really enjoyed my morning so far :D I finished icing my xmas cake! Made myself using a cake kit that cost a fiver!! Just had to add eggs and butter(the bag of pre-soaked fruit was amazing, def very good value for money!)
Hubby is still on form with the selection of beer :D He says he actually realised last night that he now always looks at the bottle cap BEFORE the description or price!!! This came off a bottle called Hopping you think he was getting subliminal messages that I was starting to loose it haha!
and yesterday I completed our advent in I filled the boxes with choccies :D
Here it is in situe :D
and this is a close up of sparklies on the tree.....just cos I'm feeling festive :D



  1. It's a shame Chunky Monkey is having probs at school but your rocking day looks like it was enjoyable your reindeer and sleigh look wonderful and you Christmas cake looks fabulous. I love the pointy snow.

  2. I love these beautiful and cheerful Christmas ornaments. Greetings.

  3. I hope Chunky start feeling better about school soon, but you know those things happen. Hm, I wonder why I want cake all of a sudden...

  4. Great post, great cake and great reindeer and sleigh.
    Sorry Chunky is having problems with school (and WTG! on chilling about him staying home)...we went through that with DS...he did eventually settle. Sending (((hugs))) to him and you.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Sorry, but I love that you did that with your son. It will work out. Love your chrissie cake and the tree. Hope things are going well today (it's Saturday) xxDonna

  6. Wonderful Christmas decoration and your cake looks very yummy. Enjoy the weekend :)

  7. This cake seems to be delicious, rich ...

  8. I think it's great that you've got your hubby trained so.... Glad you're having a great Friday!

  9. cake.


    cake cakecakecakecakecakecake.



  10. Finally catching up with my fellow Friday Rockers! Great looking cake, and for a fiver? Brilliant! Your Rocking post has a lovely festive feel to it. (shhhh, I've given my kids random days off school when it all seemed a bit too much for them. They know you're listening to them and that's half the battle, isn't it?).

    Wishing you a lovely week. 'See' you again on Friday.