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Sunday, 4 December 2011

If words are the cogs.....

Another double spread in my "Altered Soul Inside " book, using Amy's free classes for inspiration :D

It includes a page pocket and masculine(ish) portrait,which I think I struggle with because my men folk have such gentle/big eyed features.
The Butterfly Effect theme for this week is "Book Pages" so I thought I'd use book pages to make my book pages.....if you get my drift ;S
This is a pocket made with a torn out page to be added later....
These are 2 more torn out pages, scribbled on with Inktense water soluble pencils...don't look much do they....
til you add water! This pic doesn't do justice to the intense pigment you get with these pencils.
Next I tore up the torn out pages and glued them onto my prepped double spread...
Added some stencilling and pocket and roughed up with a bit of distress ink....
and started portrait :D
I used water colour pencils again to colour the face...

Doesn't he look peaceful :)........deep in thought......
More zig zaggy stencils and acrylic paint finished with the words....

"If words are the cogs of the machine that is book, then imagination is the fuel!"
Enjoy :D XXX

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Was also going for Inspiration Avenues#English Literature, but I missed the deadline doh!



  1. fabulous! you do faces soooooooo well!

    hugs :)

  2. I love the process you followed to this excellent result llehar, Wonderful composition, good job.

  3. uuuuuuuu!

    this is cool. i am reinspired to try a manface. i have a difficult time with them


  4. Wow that's amazing - love the descriptions here - I needed them this time of night. Great stuff.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  5. Really like what you've done. Your faces are terrific!

  6. WOW!!! Your face is so cook!!! The whole page is cool and love the walk thru you gave :0)

  7. Sorry I have to cast to write for the h g which are located together on the keyboard and the translation was not correct. The correct response is this:

    I love the process you followed to reach such success. Wonderful composition, good job.

  8. Lovin' what you have created. Very original. xxDonna

  9. The imagination to power and do not miss the inspiration.

  10. WOW !! this is really impressive, you're a woman of deep thoughts :D

    Btw, Bøfhus means Beefhouse ;) Would be cool to go eat there together some time !!

  11. Actually after seeing these I want to make my own book.

  12. that's wonderful. I love the torn colored pages for the background. He may be asleep, but he looks like he has such depth and history

  13. Gina thank you very much for your information. The truth is I love this kind of art journals. I am looking for a book of large format hardback. Greetings.

  14. Great pages - thanks for sharing the process ....those are some cool cogs! I'm participating in my first Butterfly Effect and visiting from there.

  15. This is so interesting Gina - love the depth.

  16. Fabulous Gina!
    I'll be featuring you this week @ Inspire Me Fridays!

  17. I love seeing all the steps till this powerful page is done. Thank you