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Friday, 9 December 2011

Much "rockinger" week :D

I really enjoy this chance to give thanks for happy moments each week....some weeks I have to dig deep, but this week was so full :D
1st I am thankful to Mary Berry(cook) for producing the Christmas cake kit that was excellent value and easy to know I'm rubbish at waiting for stuff to dry....
I'm rubbish at waiting for cakes to mature too nom nom.....:D
Next I am grateful that baby sis, BIL and hubby haven't got the patience to use teeny fiddly I got to build the dolls house for neice *clap,clap* (always wanted one myself) took me 4 hours, and even I had to use tweezers for some of the screws!! God help anyone who hasn't thought to build in advance!
Next I'd like to thank the group of people who are putting up statues in and around Sheffield. This one appeared recently at the entrance to the park(previously known as heliport,cos it was)
It's official unveiling is tonight, but weather not looking good, unlike the day last weekend when I made hubby pull over so I could climb on wall to take pics :D Couldn't find the artists name, but the group are "Friends of Parkwood Springs"
I've used that image on my pages using Natasha's free altered book class on how to use tissue paper to make a textured background/window in page....but you just get a peak as I am not posting that til monday :)
And this is my thank you to Amy :) She has dropped herself in it this week by saying"post me some art and I'll send you some back!" So this is a mixed media piece I made to send her this week...
Hope she likes it...
and finally to Chunky Monkey....for trying to stay at school all week...he managed til yesterday afternoon, but got soaked to the skin after refusing to go inside, so they asked to send him home. Would have been helpful if someone had thought to give him his coat, but he's in bed today keeping warm.

OOW! Just read being featured on Joyful Stampers-Inspire Me Friday!!! Today! :D Thank you Maria

How blessedly "Rocked" was your week?



  1. Oh Gina that is an awesome list of loveliness, the statue is gorgeous - must go and seek it out - I love anything like that! The cake looks delicious - my hubby is still feeding his cakes at the moment although declared last night he'd run out of alcohol for them LOL!

    The dolls house is gorgeous - you sound like you had much fun putting it together.

    Glad you've had such a beautiful Rocking week.



  2. Cake looks delicious! I'll be right over! Statue - awesome. The doll house is incredible .. I can imagine having something like that when I was a child. I would have been over the moon. Hope CM warm and cozy and happy to be home now. Congrats on being featured! hugs, Donna

  3. Ohhhhhh I love fruit cake - I wouldn't have waited either. Those statues are gorgeous!

    You have way, way, way more patience than me with the dolls house :) Have a lovely week!

  4. OMG that cake looks so yummy... fruit cake is my fave... although I normally pick the icing off :)

  5. that cake looks scrumptious;
    absolutely LOVE the doll house
    and the cards and statues are fabulous.
    all these goodies - wow! thanks so much for sharing!

    hugs :)

  6. Wow, that pie seems to be very good. That advantage.

  7. The cake looks de-lish, definitely better to dive in now rather than waiting for Christmas when everyone's too full up with food.

    The dolls house is so cute - well done you for putting it together. You need a degree in physics to work out some of those flat pack instructions, don't you?!

    I LOVE that statue!!! Lucky you to have it so near to you.

    Have a great week - hope your little lad's feeling brighter.


  8. Can't wait to see what the whole page looks like with the tissue and the window... I haven't been able to watch any classes for some reason they don't load on my iPad, well my son's iPad. Love to hear stories about your son, it's a challenge for me too to get my son off in the morning!

  9. A very yummy post :) Thanks for sharing all these photos.

  10. An excellent idea, I have been very well that texture I've ever used paper kitchen towel. Greetings.

  11. Okay, so I almost drooled on my shirt and my coffee felt really lonely all of the sudden. Now I want cake *sigh*