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Monday, 12 December 2011

Art that tells a story

Well, I have tried to edit the number of photo's for this post...from 34 to 10..not too bad ha! :D
This technique was demonstrated by Natasha over at Flutterbye ning for the altered book class.

Tissue paper background, you have to be real gentle not to over handle the tissue on the glue or it sticks to you instead :D
When dry, coat with gesso to strengthen.....wait for it to dry again...then trim.
I wanted to add a window between 2 spreads, so I made a template and cut it out before making art on them(cos I thought it would be easier to make the images appear that way)

Then followed multiple washes of watered down acrylic paint(lots of waiting for stuff to dry...)
but oodles of texture :D
I drew the lady dancing onto the other spread, and started to glue tissue over knowing the image would show through when dry.......well it does if you pick up the right pot, ie clear matt medium and not white gesso :S like what I did *grump*
but I managed to scrape it off and most of her showed through :D
I used a flowery tissue for this page, because I was trying to get a feeling of 2 different worlds, 1 bleak and one full of life....
Look hoe the dancing ladies dress is so shiny!!! Can you see the Stag Creature watching through the window
I kept the wording simple, so you can make up your own story.
Is she afraid?....throwing the boulder to scare him off?
or is she trying to break the glass in order to join him?
And in the other he trying to drive her image away ? Does this pretty pretty image repulse him?
Or is he too, desperate to break through to another life where he might find joy?
I used this pic because it shows the lady through the window(or is it a mirror, showing 2 sides of one personality???)
but I added some sparkly fire balls, for more texture(scrunched up tissue)
I am linking to this weeks Butterfly Effect challenge# Story Telling :D XXX



  1. Wow, Gina! That's pretty awesome. I like the tension you have created which leaves your audience wondering and making up their own story. Very clever. xxDonna

  2. you keep blowing me away with things like this and the wind may just land me on your doorstep! holy moly girl! this is absolutely stunning! wow!

    hugs :)

  3. Truly a delightful sequence to produce a result so tender and beautiful. Greetings.

  4. Wow... Standing ovations for these two wonderful pages. Thanks for sharing the steps.

  5. This is just great! I love using tissue paper on my paintings. It gives instant texture and depth. :)

  6. I absolutely love your story and how my own imagination can fly trough the mirror on and out ;-) what a great idea! I love the flame-effect on the second page.

  7. Without duas a beautiful story, charming and very romantic.

  8. I'm in love with this one! This is so cool! I am inspired to try it myself :D


  9. Wow those pages are utterly gorgeous sweetie, must try the tissue paper idea myself as the texture is awesome!

  10. My goodness you've created a real gem! There's so much work here and it's a great "fill in the blanks" story. Visiting from Butterly