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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

4!!!! catch up pages, and a mystery.....

Since January I have been using Darcy's prompt challenge 52 Pages for 2011 to make art journal pages...we only have 2 weeks left!!!
For 2012 Darcy has agreed to do another years worth of prompts, but in a slightly different format...we are doing Postcards...between 2 people. The prompt each week will be the name of the country one of them is visiting, and sounds great fun. The idea is to build up a story/relationship between these 2 people.
I bought these blank postcards from the post office(50 for £1.69), and am already excited to learn the 1st country :D
In the mean time I am desperately trying to catch up on my 52 pages for 2011(a bit geeky about finishing one task before starting another :S)
So here are the latest 4...
Page 38#Author
I wrote a little ditty. It says;
Authors are my heroes,
They open up our minds,
And show us lots of lovely things
All colours, shapes and kinds.
They take us to the farthest lands,
They scare us and they bless,
And mesmerise us with their hands
By Magical "WORDINESS" :D

Page 43# First....the 1st stamp I ever bought was a tiny bee. It was to be 1st of many :D

Page 48# on water in Newquay harbour, just before a storm
Page 49# transform from one thing into a better and improved version...Blossom to fruit to alcohol :D Nicely evolved :D

Now to the mystery.....Where has page 48 gone???? I made all 4 pages this afternoon on my desk. I took photo's as I made them. But when I came to put them in the box.........No 48 was gone!!!
Shorty says the poltergeist has moved it( I prefer the title lodger) He likes to torment us by moving things(only in fun). It will turn up, I'll tell you when it does :D XXX


  1. It looks like a fun challenge, Gina .. and next years will be really exciting. Looking forward to following along on your journey. xxDonna

  2. Oh Gina they are beautiful - you are much further ahead than me I'm hoping with fingers and toes crossed that I manage to get up to date before the new challenge, which sounds fabulous the only bit scaring me is the size - I like supersizing everything so a tiny post card scares me! I'm considering other ways of doing it - but loving the postcard theme - I'm also loving your postcard purchase - what a bargain!

    Hope you're having a great day



  3. yeah! i'm excited about darcy's new challenge too.

    drag about the ghost :)

  4. Hi Gina, first of all. thanks for all your support my friend, you have been a blessing.
    I love your journals, the pages are gorgeous and i especially love your little ditty and your recipe page. Beautiful !!
    Hope you are having a fab week my friend
    Hugs June x

  5. great pages, as always Gina. I love comeing to see your stuff. Fabulous ditty, and how awesome to remember your first stamp..I am not sure I know which was my first stamp. Alcohol page is my fave, wonder why? hahaha

  6. I love your new idea, these beautiful postcards.

  7. Great pages, did you find page 48, yet?