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Thursday, 15 December 2011

4 more pages ...steaming on to 2012!!

Definitely on a roll with these pages for Darcy's "52 pages for 2011" :D

Page 37# Release: why you should let your children have there freedom...much as you want to keep them safe and protect them from the world....

"How will they thrive if they are held too tight?"

Page 41# Desire
Who or what is the object of desire in this picture :D?

Yep, you went for shiny red shoes too didn't you :D

Page 45# Listen
Are you listening to the earth's heart beating? Or do you just trample her underfoot?

Page 50# Utopia
I had quite a bit of trouble on where to go with this one. Call me a grouch, but I can't see how this state of existence that others crave can actual be! Unless we all spend eternity in a drug imposed stupor. I like the rawness of life as it is....that's how we know we are alive :)

Are free thought and paradise compatible??

Phew!! 4 more to go and we will be steaming on into 2012's Postcard prompts...yay!! :D XXX


  1. Delicious, I love the beautiful dancer 41 with the object of desire.

  2. I love the page where I listen to the earthes make me so calm, that my thoughts stop and I am one with the earth, beautiful... I also like the utopia, mine would look near the same with all the wildflowers and bees, theese blossoms are real great

  3. Your pages are wonderful, cannot decide which I like best.

  4. Wow they are all gorgeous - this is another project I need to catch up with!

  5. These are amazing, Gina. And I think "Release" and "Listen" are now stamped in my heart.

    "How will they thrive if they are held too tight?" Incredible words, my friend...

  6. just unbelievable! and gorgeous! wow!
    glad your post arrived. ENJOY!

    hugs :)

  7. The 45 is a nice homage - denounced the aggression that we are giving to the earth and our politicians are reaffirmed in this. My pots "Decapitated Planet" is also a complaint after the last summit on climate change.