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Sunday, 18 December 2011

The story of The Girl in the Blue Scarf continues.....

By the time Red and Peg reached the ocean, they were both sore and hot. The cool blue water reminded Red of her Blue Scarf, and how safe it made her feel. So without hesitation, she jumped from Pegs back and threw herself into the foamy depths.
(It would seem that Red has the attention span of a goldfish, and had already forgotten her dream of mermaids and sea-turtles!)
Peg, on the other hand, stood nervously on the shoreline, letting only small ripples of the water touch his hooves....... did feel inviting......
Suddenly Red let out a loud "SHRIEK!", as the waters around her started to bubble and froth. She felt something brush against her legs, and almost died of fright as a face bobbed up in front of her.
"Hello!", gurgled the green-haired girl.
"He...he...hello?", squeaked Red in return.
"Isn't Peg joining us?"
"Who?...How?...What?..."Blurted Red in response.
"Oh, Sorry, silly me.....we were expecting you, though you seem not to be expecting us", smiled the girl.
"We?...Us?..." Red seemed to have lost the power of speech through the shock, and some vague memories started to struggle into focus.
"Yes silly! Me and my sisters have been waiting to meet "The Girl in the Blue Scarf " for simply ages! Come on!" and with that she grabbed Reds hand and dragged her beneath the surface...

Forgetting his nervousness, he leapt full length into the ocean, desperately trying not to loose sight of Red.
He caught up with them amazingly quickly (even for him),but was even more amazed at Red's reaction when he slipped underneath her and tried to fly her back to the surface.
As they rushed together and broke free of the water, Red giggled! A gurgling kind of a giggle,and they splashed back into the depths.
The girl with the green hair took control of Pegs reins, and calmed him down. "Look!" she smiled.
Peg looked at his reflection in the water. "WHAT HAPPENED???!" he screamed.
Green and her sisters laughed gently.

"Your...your....a FISH!" stammered Red, now totally confused. It was difficult enough for her to accept she could now breath underwater, without Peg mutating again!

Dog? Horse? Flying Horse? Fish?
The green-haired girl flapped her tail at them. "Look!" she urged again "Haven't you worked out who Peg is yet?"
"No,.. well yes, of course I know who Peg is. He is my thingy, but mostly he is my friend!"
"Very sweet dear, but no. He may appear to be all of these things, but what he actually is,"
"IS YOUR SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE!!" all the sisters chimed at once.
"He is the one who gives you courage when you are afraid, he is your inner strength manifest."

"WOW!" said Red and Peg simultaneously.

"For the next part of your adventure, you need to be able to get around under water. What use would a winged horse be here?"

To be continued.....

You can catch up on the story so far HERE

If you would like to add to this adventure, you can join in by contacting AMY, over at her blog :D XXX



  1. gina!
    i love this.

    i think i may go next and this will truly be a really hard act to follow!

    this is so cool.



  2. "He is my thingy, but mostly he is my friend!"

    I love those lines that tell a lot about a character. Reading those words, and pairing them with the art, put me in the story. Sweet and adventurous ;-)

  3. I love this beautiful story and everything that you have shown beautifully.

  4. The Art! The Words! Your Mind! AWESOME, Natasha. xxDonna

  5. GINA< GINA, GINA ... sorry for the typo -- pushed the button and couldn't get it back :o) Donna

  6. What a wonderful story, and it feels so true to me. You have such wonderful pictures in your mind AND paint them down... lovely :-)

  7. Wow, such wonderful pages, love the colors.

  8. Can't believe I missed this..... Wonderful part of the story, I had thought about making peg anOther animal as well.... So glad you did it!

  9. Yes! Love it!! Her spirit of adventure! That is truly inspired :)