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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ARTFIRe with Amy :D

Yep! Still singing the "Amy is Amazing!" song :D This year she has started a FB group where she emails us an inspirational video or 3, weeklyish, to help us make an art journal. The group is called ARTFIRe. You have to apply to join, but it is still free (cos Amy wants the world to be filled with beauteousness!)
The book I am using is a handmade book by "Her Gloriousness" herself, and sent to me as a gift. I have no idea what Amy used to colour the pages....feels waxy, but absorbs stuff as well :S
The 1st video showed us how to draw and work over a graphite portrait...
if your new to portraits or just nervous at trying, Amy has a template on her blog for you to use. I'm quite practised so I drew mine freehand.
When I was happy with the shading, I started to add watercolour paints(I know...freaked me out to...but give it a go) I also enjoyed working on a darker background paper.
Next I added more shading with Stabilo All pencils...
and more watercolour(in thin layers)
The Graphite under-drawing gives such depth to the portrait!!! This is Gurishna, one of my spirit guides. She is the one who comforts and bears witness to the sadness of the world. A very wise and kind spirit!

Then it was time to work "intuitively" on the background...
just doodling....
and colouring(with acrylic paints in thin washes)
more doodling....and the journalling reads " The path that leads to your dream may not always take the straightest"
I really enjoyed watching the videos and having ago....couldn't recommend more highly :D
Enjoy :D XXX

P.S. Was going to save this for tomorrow. It is the start of the 29 faces for Febraury Challenge with Ayala, but I guess I'll be doing something else instead now :D


  1. yay! this portrait turned out Great! i'm so tickled with everything right now!


  2. Very interesting, no doubt, developments and I loved the end result is impressive.

  3. That's a fascinating page in great colors.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this face ... you did a fabulous job of it! xoDonna

  5. Fantastic work - loving your free hand drawing simply beautiful!