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Monday, 30 January 2012

Lots of layers mean lots of pics :D

Today's theme at The Butterfly Effect is "Making Layers" hosted by the awesomely talented Diane :D
I am also going to incorporate a few ideas I stole from watching Natasha White's live class yesterday on intuitive/tribal painting.
Lot's of pics for this one, so am going to do this post as a list :D

Layer #1 White gesso to key base page

Layer#2 spritzers and stencils
Layer#3 more spritzers with templates(forgot to rotate)
Layer#4 (forgot yo rotate this one too) acrylic paint through stencils
Layer#5 Pink acrylic scrubbed on and through stencil
Layer#6 highlight with Stabilo All pencil
Layer#7 (cheated by cutting out a previous portrait) glued on Portrait
Layer#8 Added hand print with white acrylic(one of Natasha's ideas)
Layer#9 (was going to do lino print but couldn't find lino :S) Scratched all seeing eye into wet paint using black acrylic and tip of brush handle(another one of Natasha's)
Layer#10 Built up pink layer around portrait
I'm not calling this page finished, as I just remembered I was going to add something lol....I get so bored waiting for stuff to dry I forget what I was doing (bad Gina)

Off now to research France for Darcy's Postcard challenge :D XXX


  1. Love it!! So colourful and detailed.
    Enjoy researching France.
    Hugs xx

  2. I absolutely love here Gina. You have captured something special in her face. xodonna

  3. love your process. beautiful portrait. hand with symbol intriguing. looking forward to more of the story.

  4. so? is your base all stenciled and embossed BEFORE the gesso???? how do you come up with these images? beautiful as always.

    the gym was closed today. who knew? so we went to breakfast!

    hugs :)

  5. Very cool! Thank you for sharing your process, Kristin xo

  6. Wow Gina this is fabulous! love it. That face is amazing. Lynne xx

  7. Perfect for Butterfly Effect - just look at all those layers! What a stunning page - rich and full of subtle interest!

  8. Great background and gorgeous face,
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  9. Your work is really interesting, Gina, liked to stop by...

  10. No fair! You are just having too much fun! :). This is wonderful and I love all the layers and beautiful colors. I want to play!

  11. Very interesting, I certainly liked the evolution of painting in the window and the heart, but when his face appeared lluna everything is light and tender, really lovely.

  12. Looks amazing, Gina! Love all the layers. I wanna make that eye stamp, don't you?! :) You can use rubber=erraser as well if you don't have lino. Oh wait, then it's not lino print. Hmmm...

  13. Wow that amazingly beautiful hun, loving all the different layers that make the complete piece - fantastic!

  14. Ohhh Gina, this is wonderful! Your background, the cool face and the hand with the eye, all fits so wonderful together :-) Where ist the "favorite-button ?!

  15. I always forget to cut apart paintings and use them in other pieces. I don't consider that cheating at all - I think it adds cool dimension to your piece. I like the way that white hand is just a little bit transparent.

  16. Great layers and a beautiful piece of art.

  17. Gina love the steps & I don't reckon you cheated, you just 'improvised' LOL - great work :)