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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Final post for the Girl in the Blue scarf

I have really enjoyed making this story with so many talented and beautiful people, and am honoured to be the one to post the final episode, dedicated to the most beauteous one of all, Amy McDonald :D

Blue was so tired, but he didn't know how to tell Red that all he wanted was to go home, after all it was him that had run away in the first place.
They had been having such a marvellous adventure, but it takes a lot out of a little dog, all this transforming, running and transforming again....He just looked at Red with big soulful eyes, pleading with the universe to let things go back to the way they had been.

Red looked at Blue and felt a twinge of guilt.
Ever since he had left the safety of her blue scarf he seemed to be in a constant state of anxiety....
"Maybe we should think about going home Blue" she said quietly, "or even settling down right here?"

"It is beautiful by the beach, guarded from the outside world by the blue mountains and the blue ocean..." joined in Blue

"..and the BLUE sky!" giggled Red

"... like being wrapped in your Blue scarf, but with room to breathe and run around" said Blue excitedly.

"oow! oow! oow!" continued Blue, his tail swishing frantically, "CAN we stay HERE?" he leapt up and down now fit to burst.

"YES!" shouted Red, as she ran happily towards Blue, arms outstretched. "And Purple can come visit us when he gets lonely!" she smiled as she caught Blue up in her arms.

"Oooow.....oooooow....aooooow!" howled Blue, licking her smiling face.

You see, once the dream of adventure had been fulfilled, Blue had returned to his true form....the loveable, and truly loved little dog belonging to the Girl with the Blue scarf.

"Thank you Blue" sighed Red, "I was tired and bored with my life, but you have inspired me. With your help, I am going to paint fabulous pictures of our adventures together and share them with anyone else who feels sad,lonely or just plain bored, so that they can have adventure in their lives too!"

And with that, they began collecting "stuff". Any stuff they could find, to build a home and fill it with art for the whole world to share.

And they lived happily ever after......


I hope you've enjoyed this little story, started by Amy, cos she thought it would be fun.
It certainly has been for me :D XXX

If you missed the rest of this story you can read it all HERE


  1. Are you kidding me?? That's brilliant! Blue is back to being a good old dog again. :)) Love the story, Gina and your depiction of it it's perfect. :)

  2. Hi Gina! This entire project had me hooked from beginning to end .. and on top of it - I'm inspired no end. My imagination has been a little bit on 'holiday' lately and oh, I don't want to loose it -- . Thank you for a wonderful journey, wonderful art and all the warm fuzzy feeling it has left me with. :o) xoDonna

  3. you should do a children's book!!!!!! and then sign and send me a copy! this is fanbulous!!!

    hugs :)

  4. Yes, very nice pictures, I like the gentle art history with this final so happy. Greetings.

  5. Your paintings are really wonderful.

  6. WOnderful! Thank you for all your lovely comments Gina, sorry I have not been around much. Take care talk soon Love and hugs Lynne xoxo

  7. oh gina. this is better than i thought it ever could be.
    you made such a beautiful ending. This is Really Great!