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Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Goddess Smiled...:D

Quick edit :DSun came out again so I took another pic(couldn't bear the dingy one at the end of the post) lol

I wasn't going to do a new post today, but my Goddess had other ideas. In a rare moment of meditation, she appeared to me, surrounded by bubbles. She was smiling, and wanted curly hair :D
So who am I to argue with a Goddess?

First a simple line drawing(pencil, then ink)...
next, a bright cheerful sky behind her (water soluble wax crayon)...
Then colouring the Goddess herself, again with soluble wax crayon...
Now the bubbles, a little white paint for body then holgraphic embossing powder...
and pearls to decorate her dress...
a bit more shading around the eyes with NEW Stabilo All pencils (the one's Amy uses)
Unfortunately the sun went in as I took the last pic, but you can see how bright and cheerful the colours are in earlier pics. The word trail around the bubbles says "giggle...", while the journalling reads " let the Laughter Bubble up from your Soul..."

May your Deity smile sweetly on you today, and bring laughter into your life :D XXX



  1. the pencils arrived so fast! do you love them?
    your goddess is BEAUtiful.

    I love the bubbles!

  2. She is LOVELY, Gina! The bubbles are a gorgeous touch. xoDonna

  3. i would give my TEETH to draw like this! she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    hugs :)

  4. Wonderful color, I love the blue eyes and transparency of those delightful bubbles.

  5. You are so talented Gina, this is gorgeous and as soon as I saw it appear on the dashboard I guessed it was yours. TFS.

  6. Gina, your goddess is beautiful. I love all the different techniques that you used. The bubble were just the perfect finishing touch. I wish I could draw as well as you...You have so many unique pieces on your blog. You probably could have your own art showing. You are so talented. Hugs

  7. she look so peaceful surrounded by soul-bubbles...they look so real :-)

  8. So wonderful - your goddess is really fantastic.