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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kissed by a Rose

This is another piece I am making in my altered art book, inspired by yet another fabulous free class(kissing couple vid) by Amy.
Now the book I originally butchered was an old Mp's index of business for the year 1980, and one of the pages still visible had the name "Mr Peter Hardy" on it. He may not be anyone to you, but he helped my family return to England from Australia in 1970, after my older sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease( a form of Leukaemia). The Dr's in Oz were unable to treat this at the time, and the only hospital specialising was Sheffield Children's, so we had to sell up and return to England. My sister did not survive, but without the support of family around her again my mother would probably never have gone on to have my baby sister later in life, so it seemed only fitting to use this page for a pic of baby sis with her baby daughter. Both very precious to me, and probably only here because of the actions of Mr Hardy.
Now to the arty stuff :D
This class was about painting on fabric, and using magazine double image for base. I decided to use a photo of my precious's this pic aaaaaw!
The fabric is over 20 years old(I know...hoarder) and is called Diva...had to use it lol :D
Please be careful to work on a clean surface when gluing...or this may happen DOH!

Fortunately I have the original pic to still work from :D , but it was totally scary painting out their faces...nearly didn't do it!!!
But started to feel better as I added layers :)
I decided not to paint out sis' top as the pattern is gorgeous....
so I dry brushed blue acrylic all over it instead.
I also decided to pick out the patterns in the fabric because it has a wonderful "magical moment" feel about it
I didn't want to over work the image as this piece is more about capturing one of those truly special moments in life...a true expression of love and adoration between mother and child :D
May add some more colour at a later date :)
And some shiny gold stuff....and Faery wings....

Whatever your plans for 2012, I wish you at least 1 moment of true magic that will stay in your heart forever
Blessed Be :D XXX



  1. what a start to the new year! this gorgeous creation! you definitely are queen of altered art! it decided to rain instead - so, no snow!

    happy, happy new year my friend!

    hugs :)

  2. An amazing piece of art Gina and a technique you have inspired me to try. Just love your creation and what a special and touching photo.
    Happy New Year.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. I am delighted how you do this. it look amazing how you bring the lovely couple and the fabric together! LOVE it!
    Happy new Year xoxoxox

  4. This is stunning Gina! Great photo to start with and I love the fabric you've used.
    Hugs xx

  5. i just love this. you've inspired me to try out a photo as well.

  6. How fantastic, you did a wonderful job.

  7. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could discover yours! I love your transformations and look forward to being inspired by more. I'll be trying some of your ideas through the year (I'm a bit overwhelmed by ideas right now). :)