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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Fiery Goddess of Spring

Yesterday I watched a free class by the lovely Kelly, Pixie and Christy of the Creatives Group. Part of the class was Christy painting a beautifully serene lady in bright happy colours, so I thought I'd have a go...
I recycled a kids paint-by-numbers canvas board by coating it with white gesso.
When that dried*yawn* I splodged acrylic paint on it and smooshed it with my fingers...
giving me an extremely vibrant background.
When that dried *yawn some more and reach for heat gun* I started to paint my lady in with water colours...and this is where things altered.
She started to look really cross and scary....
and didn't want to be restrained and pretty....I tried to calm her with water soluble crayons, which seemed to annoy her even more....
But she did want I scratched some into the paint...falling from the sky.
And she smiled :D
Sometimes Spring arrives in a foul temper....but she always smiles in the end :D XXX



  1. she's beautiful! great boob job - LOL. no, really, she's gorgeous!

    ever find out what happened to Rachel (cowgirl up)????

    hugs :)

  2. Te ha quedado una preciosa pintura, y al natural debe de ser una gozada contemplarla. me encanta el proceso.

  3. I have been a beautiful painting, and natural must be a joy to behold. I love the process.

  4. Beautiful Gina! Great to see how the piece developed ..I love the idea of a grumpy spring finally being coaxed to smile!
    Hugs xx

  5. Gina, you have really fling paint ;-) hehe as i see your second picture I thought uupps so much paint... and then it turned out... your firery background :-)) then it is difficult to paint upon, isn´t it?! but in the end she turned out so pretty! I enjoy it so much everytime to look at your creative period...btw the hair is great...don´t mind my gibberish englisch, I try to get better xoxox

  6. It's great to see the full creation of Spring and your lovely words to accompany her on her journey!

  7. i bet she's smiling. with hooters like that men probably fall at her feet and do all of the shitty stuff that she doesn't want to do. like carpools and crap like that.

  8. Great evolution, Gina. Spring can be a little grumpy at first - great fun piece. hugs, Donna

  9. Love your art Gina and thanks for sharing the steps. Such a fantastic piece.
    Thank you for a lovely comment and good luck in my give-away.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  10. I loved your narrative describing how she evolved! Glad she ended up happy in the end. Who doesn't like a happy ending?! :)

  11. I love the cover and begin to create the background. You spend a good evening.

  12. you lift one leg up, you throw both arms wide, you launch yourself from a great height into the arms of your loved one, and even if they don't catch you you get a soft landing, or you can dangle form a chain...


    it must be done...


  13. Wow, a wonderful painting, you're very talented.