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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Gone but not forgotten....

Edit: I have found John Mauleverer de Letwell mentioned in the Feet of Tudor Fines, in 1512 under the reign of Henry VIII

This weeks theme at The Butterfly Effect is Forgotten Things. Now I try not to forget things...I may forget where I put things, but I don't forget I've got them :D. So I went for something that I hadn't known.....because it had been forgotten by others and so not taught to us in school.
Last summer I went to an open day at a small church (where several of my ancestors are buried)called St John's at Thropham(near Rotherham). The local historians had put together information booklets to help us read the age ravaged gravestones in the alter area, and amongst them was an epitaph to John Mallevorer from Letwell(another small village near by). I forgot to write down his dates!!!
This is the brass plaque on the wall that the transcription was taken from....
and on the floor beneath....a small brass figure set into the gravestone.
I used photos to cover a double page spread in my altered book...
and picked out some of the details barely visible on the worn brass effigy.
The entire piece had originally been deeply etched, but has been worn away by the feet of centuries of worshippers. From his appearance I am guessing he was around in the Elizabethan era (neighbouring gravestones are dated from 1400's)
I aged the pages with Tim Holtz Brushed Corduroy ink, and coated with clear gesso.....
before attempting another transfer.....
FAIL!!!, but it gave the piece an even more distressed look (supposed to be dandelion clocks from the same churchyard)
I wanted to give John some of his shine back, so I edged the pages with copper metallic paint, and added some dandelions with stazon and stamps by Marion Emberson and Kanban
Here are close ups of each page...

To have earned an epitaph like his..John Mallevorer Esquire deserves NOT to be forgotten.
Blessed Be his soul


  1. I read every word with such keen interest Gina, I love bits of history and to use this epitaph in your book and make it into this wonderful piece of art is so creative and beautiful.
    Have a great week.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  2. Really interesting, Gina - and I love what you've done with this fella. The metallic edging works brilliantly. I really like that you take photos throughout the arting process, I must try and remember to take more of my own artwork. It's so interesting to see the piece develop.


  3. I too am very interested in bits of history like this and love to wander the old grave yards in Europe. You have done an exquisite job - I'm sure you have done the man proud. Isn't the brass piece incredible. Fascinated and fascinating. xoDonna

  4. I went to a local graveyard, today. There were a lot of unreadable markers... I wonder if someone who knew them or knew of them is remembering them.

    Tribute made art; how lovely of you.

  5. Great pages Gina...a story that really shouldn't be forgotten. Love the art work and techniques.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. have a new personal blog:
    The old one is still up and running but for craft related posts only.

  6. A delicious composition, I love this fitting tribute to John Mallevorer Esquire. greetings.

  7. he would love to see, what you have created! Like his figure and his pose. What a great idea to let his story revive xoxox

  8. That's awesome, Gina! Love the journal spread. :)

  9. this is really wonderful - and how nice to know one is not forgotten. i hope he does know :)

  10. great pages! I'm impressed by your recovery from the transfer. I've had more failed transfers than I can count....
    Enjoyed reading the back story and about your process