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Friday, 6 January 2012

Lady Ophelia Pendleton's Grand Tour 1895

This year Darcy at Art and Sole is prompting us to make 52 postcards(last year was 52 journal pages..phew!)
The postcards will tell the story of the relationship between 2 characters are;

Lady Ophelia Pendleton, wife of Sir Richard Pendleton , formerly a British Army Officer and now Ambassador for Her Majesty Queen Victoria(let me hear you so ooooow! :D) Ophelia is only 19 years of age, has never been away from her family, and still spends most of her day reading adventure stories and sketching in the garden.
The lady she is writing to is Miss Lillian Crowther, Ophelia's most loved Governess. Though Effie(Miss Lillian's pet name for Ophelia) was not her brightest student academically, she was the happiest child you could wish to meet.
When Sir Richard married Effie on Christmas Day 1894, he surprised everyone by announcing that they would be leaving immediately, as he had planned the grandest of all Grand Tours for his new bride, and that it would be a great addition to her education.
Miss Lillian was quite taken aback, at the suggestion that she had been lacking in her duties, and promptly left the celebrations. She gave notice of her retirement the next morning.
Effie has decided to share her adventures with Miss Lillian, and has vowed to send a postcard from each country they visit...each one hand as to show Miss Lillian she is keeping up with her studies(her ladies maid told her about Miss Lillian's retirement).
They arrived in Austria just in time for the Grand Ball at Hohenwerfen Castle on New Years Eve.
The very next day Effie set about writing her 1st of many postcards...

To Miss Lillian Crowther
Peartree Cottage
Little Smetherington

"My Dearest Miss Lillian,
So sorry I did not get to say goodbye after the wedding.
Richard and I arrived safely in Austria, and are having the most amazing adventure. Last evening we attended a ball in the most glorious castle, where it is claimed "Her Majesty" danced with her precious Albert in their younger days.
I know you worry about me so, but be assured, Richard is proving to be the most considerate husband.
Excitedly yours
Effie XXX

P.S. I have bought you the sparkliest crystal I have ever seen!"

On the reverse side she has painted an Edelweiss flower.
And this is how it looks in the journal.
I am keeping the postcards themselves quite delicate, as befits a victorian lady. But the pages themselves will reflect the excitement Effie is feeling with each new country she visits.
Miss Lillian is sending her replies via the Embassy of each country Effie writes from and is hoping they catch up with her, as Sir Richard has left no itinerary with the family(said he did not want anyone spoiling his surprise...), though they should be home to spend Christmas and New Year with them all.

To Lady Ophelia Pendleton
C/O The British Embassy
(please forward)

"My Darling Effie,
So lovely to receive your postcard today. You sound as if you are having the most marvellous time on your travels. Thank you for your beautiful Edelweiss, and I believe the crystal you are referring to in your post script is the new Aurora Borealis collection from Mr Swarovski. I look forward greatly to seeing it when you return.
I am certain Sir Richard will take great care of you sweet child, I just wish he had left word of the places he is taking you.
Just one thing my dear, I know you are excited but...please try to take a little more care with your handwriting.

Your ever loving Governess
Miss Lillian XXX"



  1. Oh wow! What a great story that's already developing. I really like the delicate flower - and the vibrant page it sits on!

    This is such a brilliant challenge - I'm lovin' it!


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    What an imagination you have and I love the contrast between the delicate cards and the vibrant journal.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my new blog url is:
    The old blog will still be there but for craft posts only..:)

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  29. This is wonderful ! can't wait for the next postcard

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