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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

If you go down to the woods today.....

Thought I'd try a new technique for this weeks The Butterfly Effect theme of In The Woods, chosen by the very talented Cameron.
As I haven't tried gel transfers, and have LOADS of photos of trees, it made sense to combine the two. I am also using a new FB group called Prompts to Get you Started, who this week have suggested making 2 pots of words, one words of inspiration the other colours. You just pick out one word from each pot to literally get you started :D I selected Desire and Black.

So off to prep a page in my Altered Book of Stuff.
Just acrylic paint scrubbed on with a dry brush.
Then I took my matt medium and smothered the page before adding my photo face down, and squooshing as flat as I could.
After letting it dry(which I could probably have left longer), I started to wet and gently rub off the paper.(can you tell I was making this up as I went along?)
Yay!! It seemed to be working.....but the photo image started coming off too. I think I was being a bit impatient(or using wrong stuff:S)
I dried the whole grubby looking mess with my heat gun and the picture disappeared again, so I tried coating with clear gesso and this brought enough of the image back for me to work with it.
I wanted to get an organic feel to this piece so worked with soft pencils, picking out shapes..

tiny supplicant figure....
Stag-headed Daemon/God?
Finding shapes and highlighting....
using black (normally use blue or green) to emphasis sinister darkness.

Something a bit different.....will the supplicants prayers be answered by the Beast of Dark Desire?
mwahahahaha........:D XXX


  1. your tree definitely has character. mysterious. The 'prompt' site sounds interesting. I may explore. Have a great day Gina. xxDonna

  2. This is awesome, very detailed steps in the process. I am a new follower!

    Don't you just love this new Facebook group? What a great way to help inspire people!!!!


  3. omigod. you are on a wild roll lately!

    this is really cool.

    i can NOt stop looking at your stuff.

  4. argh. your ARt stuff. sorry.
    i'm pervy

  5. Ooh, I love this! Seriously spooky. Well done Gina.
    Hugs xx

  6. You are so brave! I've tried this technique and failed miserably....but look at you! You've persevered, experimented....and triumphed I'd say!

    I love the dark mystery of this piece! Too cool!

  7. A beautiful tree, wonderful process and at the end I was surprised to see the Beast of Dark Desire

  8. It turned out just perfectly in the end. It's such a hit and miss technique I find. If I do a face I always end up losing an eye or nose but the rest of the image is perfect!!

    This is so atmospheric and very clever. There's definitely something spooky going on in the woods today...

  9. wuuuhuuuu spooky one. I love how you catch the mystery of the woods

  10. A very cool tree, full of magic.

  11. Looks amazing, Gina! :) Love the progress shots. alwas nice to see how the piece comes to life. :)

  12. FFS if he cared he would sleep in the wardrobe...


    laughing myself silly at the image in my mind!!! where has he been sleeping?

    I assume you can get in your side and always have?

    On the floor with you husband?

  13. I love the part of the process which is gradually emerging image. Exciting.

  14. Enhorabuena por este post tan didáctico.


  15. I admire your perseverance! I might have given up but so glad you didn't as it turned out wonderful!

  16. Love it!!! I've not had any luck at all with this technique....maybe I'll give it another shot.

  17. SOOOOO cool. I've had many epic transfer fails. The clear gesso is definitely something I'll try. But man-oh-man that colored pencil technique is to die for. loving what you did there.

  18. beautiful I loooooove your tree, so glad I hopped over here ♥, will stalk you from now on if you don't mind....I'll be the one hiding behind this tree.....:)

  19. What a cool result from a shaky beginning! I keep thinking I'm going to try transfers - it's on my "try in 2012 list"! Love the finished piece.