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Monday, 2 January 2012

Recycled into an art journal...

Well Amy has been promising to show us how to make a Beauteous Junk Journal, like the one a blogging buddy Diana sent her. Unfortunately the base items are 2 Tyvek envelopes. I don't even know if we have these in England, and the post office was shut today Doh!
So being the impatient little daemon that I am, I thought "use some old envelopes you do have!"
found this large plain package (the only one without bubble wrap) that an American blog buddy had sent me, and when I looked inside......
it was one of those dang envelopes Amy was using....result!!!
*Big smiley face*
They feel a bit like waxed paper, which makes them tougher than normal envelopes.
Next I selected my paints. I made a major purchase of LOADS of Martha Stewart craft paints last year, all luscious and pearly and metallicy and satiny finishes.(and odourless/quick drying). I selected 5 colours and.....
splodged them....
and smooshed them....
until the envelope was totally covered. (just drool over that shimmery goodness)
I made 2 layers this way, then put plain sides together and taped with extra strong tape....
folding the edges of the outer piece over the inner piece.
Everybody say "OOOOOOWWWWWW!"
Next job was to stitch the pieces together :(......but I did it!!!
Look Amy tidy stitching :D
Now I just have to make the internal pages with newspaper.......don't like touching newspaper....
Might have to use something else :) But then it won't be a Junk journal :(
Oh well, whatever it ends up as it will be sooooooooo shiny! :D



  1. way too much fun Gina. I LOVE it! You have done a fantastic job How about butchers paper on the inside?? Easier to touch perhaps. Can't wait to see the progression. xxDonna

  2. How cute, Gina!! Can't wait to see the finished project.Hugs Barbara

  3. Ooh..what fun and sooooooo shiny!! I now regret binning (in the recycling bin naturally) the envelope that I had..:(
    Do have fun with the rest of the project.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. totally understanding you not liking the feel of newspapers....eeuw!

  4. Wow... so wonderful, love the effect.

  5. Oh ... how exciting ... to be, to be ...

  6. Glorious! ANd not the least junky to look upon at all.
    Love those colors you've chosen!
    And thanks for the tip regarding Martha Stewart paints being odorless! Fumes really tend to bother this nose.
    It's always fun coming by here--never know what I'll see.

  7. this is Great. wow! hey i can send you more tyvek if you want it... consider it a courtesy of the us gov't.


  8. That's lovely! Maybe brown paper bags for the internal pages? - Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)

  9. Oh that's lovely - lucky you finding the right envelope at the right time!