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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Face no 25 revisited

Face no 25 for 29 Faces in February :D

Yesterday I took a photo of a face I could see in the bark of a tree...a humungous old tree :D

I have picked out the basic facial structure to keep the face clear, but you can go on forever adding hair and stuff using this method of inspiration...

A simple black outline(I think this is what is known as abstract art) Chose a few colours Green/Brown/Purple of graphite and went to work...

building up layers and patches of colour

then intensified the background colour a little to throw the face forward.

Is this the same face you saw?? If not, why not have a go and show your tree spirit?



  1. Don't ask:S updated chrome pfft! :(

  2. i used to drive my hubby nuts with things like this. i was always say..... doesn't that cloud look like; or doesn't that tree look like, or can you that patch of grass? doesn't it look like....

    he'd pat me on the knee and say... sure hon. u're nuts! what a guy!

    hugs :)

  3. YAY there she is like I have seen her before... the wise old one... wonderful :-)