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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hidden aspects...

Yay!! Beauty and the'll understand the "Yay" when you get to the botttom of this post lol :D
This page is a combination of ideas drawn from STEve's ARTFIre journal transfer technique video and Art Geeks video on Hidden Things. Both these groups are free to join and send you video links by email :D

I selected a couple of magazine images to make my transfers with(I don't have a laser printer), and I used clear tape to make my transfers as I don't have any soft gel either lol.
and when they were ready I glued them to my journal page.
I next added a layer of watercolour over the background(and some clear gesso over my transfers so paint would stick)
Then I started picking out detail on my main image, while leaving the smaller distant figure to disappear into the background.
Acrylic paint to change my character completely(or should that be tranform???)
Some stamped swirly detail and a bit of doodling and the female figure is almost lost to sight completely :D
For some reason blogger won't let me load the pic of the finished page :S So it might appear at the top later lol :


  1. Wonderful work as always Gina. I love how you transform the everyday into a work of art.
    Hugs xx

  2. Interesting techniques and a great piece.
    Happy Sunday.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  3. This came out fabulous, Gina! :)

  4. Gorgeous work Sweetie - love the transformation from magazine to artwork!

  5. Oh Gina, what a transformation ;-) I love the endresult with the shaded butterfly and the loved lady in the misty dawn ♥

  6. Simply fabulous .... I have to make the time to try this.

    Happiness to all.

  7. I understand and my mouth is still open. What a transformation!

  8. I like how you always show the full WIP. I've been getting these videos of Steve's artfire and Art Geeks too, but I still haven't done anything with it. It looks very interesting though, with magnificent results.

  9. Such a great idea, wonderful piece.