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Monday, 20 February 2012

My Black dog...

This weeks challenge at The Butterfly Effect is "PETZ". This is my face no 20 for 29 Faces in February....she is my 12 year old border collie Meg.

and yes she does look totally bewildered...all the time lol. It was really difficult trying to get a likeness as she is very black, which makes lines and detail almost impossible to see....
and she hides when I try to take her photo(she is scared of my phone:S) but she does sit beautifully when waiting for a treat lol(can you see, she has one blue and one brown eye?). She has the silkiest pointy ears, but she is so subservient that she puts them down as soon as you look at her, and if she does keep them up, she is bouncing around so much you can't take a photo pfft! (but she is sooooo soft and always wants to cuddle :D)

Also, I have decided to join in a Pay it Forward before 2013 challenge,and my friend Magaly asked us to "Do unto others....with your hands"
The rules seem pretty basic....I make and send gifts to the first 5 people who comment on this post with "I want to do unto others...with my hands", and those 5 people blog a post and link back to this post agreeing to do the same...simple! You just have to get your gifts off to the recipients by the end of this year. Just think of all that love and good Karma floating round the tinterweb AND the terrestrial world too :D
So I'm off to make some stuff...just in case you would like a gift from me(cos you know I'll be posting within a month lol) :D XXX


  1. Meg is gorgeous and your piece of her is spot on, a great job Gina.
    I am up for a bit of pay it forward - I want to do unto others...with my hands. What do I do in return?
    hugs {brenda} xox

    1. Thanks Brenda :D all you do is make a post offering the same pyramid selling but backwards lol . The only rule I can see is that all gifts are to be made by your own hand :D

    2. Beautiful drawing, a great dog. Greetings.

  2. She has the same expression as one of my cats. All eyes!! :))

  3. Meg must be absolutely thrilled with her portrait. It's beautiful, Gina. Your pay it forward project sounds wonderful. xodonna

  4. That a beautiful portrait of your pet. :) You saw how mine came out. :)) Darling Meg! :)

  5. What a beautiful face! Meg looks like a wonderful loving pet.

  6. ohhh what a cutie...She is soooooo sweet and your portrait turnes out wonderful. love it!