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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Weird and Wonky .....must be the weekend :D

Well, you know how I'm always banging on about Amy McDonald and her free classes....other lovely and talented artists have been adding their own free classes to her ning group Flutterbye. Yesterday I watched Russty Brazil make "Weird and Wonky" characters, and this is the result :D

It is also day 4 of Ayala's 29 Faces challenge, and I am trying to use a different style each day(hope there are 29 styles of portraiture out there....)

1# plastered black then white acrylic paint on to page...
2# stared at page trying to visualise an image...
3# noticed page was staring back...
and highlighted eye that was staring back. I now had my starting point lol.

4# Make funny faces :P...
5# add unrealistic colour combi(actually liked this bit loads)...
6# build up detail...
7# re draw lines and add finer details...(love those earings)
8# fill in background...
9# add top layer of detail with white acrylic and gold gel pen :D
and I LUUUUURVE these funky dudes :D
I wonder what else I can find on that ning page? :D XXX


  1. I like your process!! This is really a fun work.

  2. So cool (and funky)!! Love the colours too! Amazing how it just started with an eye.

  3. Gorgeous, Gina! Love how fun it came out. :)

  4. This is so great. Love the WIP pictures and how it turned out. Seems like fun!

  5. this is real cool.. I love it when the sides starring back LOL you made such a wonderful peace out of your imagination.. wonderful!!

  6. Cool techniques and faces here Gina. I love the "unrealistic" colours.
    Hugs xx

  7. oh blogger is painfully slow, I shall never catchup, the schedule ( real and virtual) is well and truly fanerrrcked so I'm quitting whilst behind, catching up on much loved blogs doing some art, doing some posting and if I miss other peoples deadlines so be it!

    oooh see you sooon...


    1. so does that include postcards and portraits?
      Look forward to seeing your "relaxed" creations :D

  8. Oh, how beautiful! Wonderful and fun, I love the colors.

  9. So clever and so creative Gina - great piece. {brenda} xx

  10. What a great process with a fantastic end result.

  11. wow ... so fabulous1 great characters and rendering! xodonna

  12. Absolutely awesome Gina... loved that you started with the dark background and found your inspiration from there... the funky colors are fabulous... such a wonderful piece...

    Jenny x

  13. How cool, thanks for the smile on my face. Love the ear ring.

  14. Great job on all your work. This is my favorite, so fun!