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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Geeks Scavenger Hunt

The Art Geeks Journal prompt #20 is in the style of a scavenger hunt list...mandatory items to be used on your page;

Your mother's {or father's} favorite color.
A feather {real or drawn, may use image provided}
A womans face {all or partial; drawn, photo, collage}
A lyric from your favorite song
A key {see link below to download key image, you must use this image}
A bird {drawing, photo, collage}

I used my trusty STEve book, made from scrapbook paper, which I knew had a page with a bird already on...
...added a gel transfer of my mothers face, because I was using her fav colour...
YELLOW! I stamped wild roses and coloured them yellow...the sond lyrci written along the branches beneath her image reads" Oh she waits there for me 'neath a rose covered bower"
...and glued on a key with feather attached :D
DOH!! FAILED!! Didn't read prompts properly.....was supposed to use key image provided :S
Posting it anyway lol :D XXX


  1. You may have used the wrong key (like I do when I'm but it's still beautiful. Love the pic of your Mum and those song words are so poignant...sigh.
    Hugs xx

  2. You did great Gina. The transfer of your mom came out perfect and the roses in her favorite color, so wonderful! Great job and glad to see your work :)

  3. i love the bird page(: i loved it when you made the book and showed the paper. so pretty!

  4. Yes, very interesting, I love this composition, I love the nest and branches. Greetings and happy week.

  5. I like the key you used! Gorgeous pages hun!

  6. Beautiful paper Gina and love the story you have created on your page. To me it looks like Mother Nature keeping an eye on her child and its children and the key over the eggs is to keep them safe until they are ready to hatch. :-) xx

  7. Beautiful! Stunning!!! Don't worry about using the wrong key ;o) I give you an A+++ ;o)

  8. Fantastic pages, love all the details, especially the yellow eggs and the feather.

  9. Wonderful that the original page showed trough ;-) I love the little key and the three shiny eggs!!