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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day :D

Thought I'd share the cards I made for our mums this year.
First, for hubby's mum, she is very"proper" and likes things neat and tidy, is always beautifully turned out, and likes roses...
Made using various bits from Hunkydory's vintage collection + K&Co papers :D

And now for my mum...
using a print of the mixed media piece I posted on Friday, My mum doesn't wear shoes(except to go to the shops) and dresses purely for comfort, and is happiest sitting in her hand-knitted jumper reading a trashy romance novel :D

...and people say me and hubby are sooo different they are surprised we are a couple, but with such different mothers it's hardly surprising is it :D
So...Amy is "interviewing" us again...and not being the shy retiring type I just have to answer ALL her questions;
1. what is your favorite kind of cheese? what are your thoughts on smelly cheeses?
I absolutely love stinky Danish Blue...but THEY won't let me have it :(

2. marmite or vegemite?
MARMITE!!!!*wears Yellow Beret with pride*

3. are you afraid of midgets?
Nope...I fear Nuthink! mwahahaha....

4. do you hate the lady that works at the post office?
Yes...she makes STEve unhappy gggrrrrrrr......(see questions 3 and6)

5. wine: red or white
Red....nothing beats a good Shiraz nom nom nom :S

6. do you hold a grudge? the grave and beyond...I repeat, mwahahahaha....

7. what are you addicted to?
STEve lurve :*

8. who do you think is more evil - verizon or at&t. you can't say they are equal you have to choose.
I have to admit...I don't have any idea what these things are :S

9. deserted island. one food and one food only for the rest of your life. what's it gonna be?
meat...any meat, I an a total carnivore :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Great cards Gina, totally different but both beautiful. :-) xx

    p.s where is Ophelia this week?

    1. she is in the netherlands...but her postcard hasn't arrived yet :D

  2. Beautiful cards Gina and so different in style.
    Loving your answers to Amy's interview..
    Hugs xx

  3. A wonderful card for Mother's day.

  4. Hi Gina ;o) I love the cards you made for your mom's ;o) Your mom sounds like my mom ;o) I love meat too ;o) Your answer to number 7 is very cute ;o) Have a great day ;o)