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Sunday, 18 March 2012

What's hidden behind the eyes?

This week's theme at The Butterfly Effect....EYES

One of my pet hates is when the press show a photo of a killer, and everyone says "he/she has the eyes of a killer". Can we really tell what kind of a person someone is ...just by looking into their eyes?
base layer of collage...
sponged on layer of acrylic paint...
pasted on layer of eyes cut from a is a convicted killer, one is a victim.
Painted out everything except the eyes, then dripped red alcohol ink...
rough sketch of face by drawing directly over everything with ink droppers.
Next I built up some details with black stabilo and blue inktense pencils and a water brush.
picking out shapes from the dripped inks.
You can still see lots of tiny eyes staring at you from behind the fuss and confusion.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. This such a powerful piece of art Gina.
    Well done!
    Hugs xx

  2. Yes, very suggestive, a look delicious. Greetings.

  3. This is just wonderful. Windows to the soul they say and I think you can discern something wrong very often - if it is wrong that is. You can also discern great art - which this is. Just love it!!

  4. Very powerful and interesting Gina! Great art!

  5. pretty rad. i like this a lot. i love the shape of it too.

  6. Wow...I would really like to see this close up....what an incredible idea....

  7. The eyes are the window to the soul but goodness me do I have trouble reading them. Great piece Gina!

  8. Wow, Gina! You always make such fantastic pieces. :)

  9. Great work and fantastic idea to put all those eyes in the backlayer. Love the shapes from the dripped ink too!

  10. love it so much !!! beautiful work !!

  11. Love it ....s o deep and grabbing

  12. Interesting piece here, I don't know about 'eyes of a killer' but I do think that the Chinese face reading thingy has a point, sometimes you can get that instant feel for a person by their look... I think it's a primate thing, deep down, if someone looks dangerous or whatever, like a built in survival tactic... not sure, but sometimes I wonder about it, BUT not what the press write, that's just cheating with hindsight to crimes already committed ;)

    1. totally agree with everything you just said :D

  13. Wow amazing piece of art Sweetie!

  14. What a great idea with all these pairs of eyes looking and soo cool the size of the painting. The droppings looks like hair...