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Friday, 9 March 2012

Lady Ophelia loosens her corsets!

Week 10 of Darcy's Postcard challenge finds Lady Ophelia Pendleton in CANADA

Canada 1895....a large influx of immigrants lead to a "Head Tax" on the Chinese workers being raised to $50...That was a huge amount of money back then, but it did not deter these hard working people from seeking a better life. There were also many British migrants to Canada at this time, mostly farmers, being offered large parcels of land to help feed the growing populace.
The British Parliament transferred the Arctic Lands to the Canadian Government, and under the Imperial Colonies Boundaries Act, 4 new districts were created. these being; Ungava, Yukon, Franklin and Mackenzie.
This year also saw the unveiling of the memorial statue to Jean-Olivier Chenier, a commander in the Patriote Forces during the Lower Canadian Rebellion of the 1830's. Chenier's body was horribly mutilated and defiled after he was killed at the Battle of Saint-Eustache by the British forces, something we would find totally unacceptable today( I hope).

" Dear Miss Lillian,
Well the last two weeks have been heavenly. Spent lots of time with Richard, dancing and shopping. He is just he sweetest man. I could not have hoped for a better husband. He smiles and laughs all the time when he is not working.
Met a most charming lady and her children on the boat over here(oh, forgot to mention, am in Canada). She was very helpful, as I seemed to suffer with the sea-sickness much more than ususal. She was travelling from Scotland to join her husband who is farming in the new territories.
We stayed with Mr Turner, the new Premier for British Columbia, and he took us to see the memorial statue for a Msr Jean Olivier Chenier. It is not finished yet, but they are hoping to unveil it by October.
I may ask my maid not to lace me up so tightly, as you suggested before. I have been feeling quite light-headed recently.
Must be all this dashing about, though it is so exciting.
Yours Affectionately Effie XXX"
" My Darling Effie,
I am so relieved to hear that Sir Richard is a much gentler soul than I had first thought. A gentleman that enjoys dancing and shopping is a rarity indeed.
Many Scottish folk, amongst others, are travelling to that amazing country at the moment, and farmers are especially welcome, as the land is still pretty much untamed at this time.
I am a little concerned about your sickness and light-headedness. Please ask Sir Richard to provide you with a nurse, and most definitely loosen your corsets. If I am correct in my assumption, you may have to loose them all together.
I await further news with a tear in my eye, and a swelling in my heart. Take care my lovely one.
Your ever-loving Governess
Miss Lillian xxx

p.s. When did we start using parenthesis in our writing? This is not Algebra."

Images on my page: John Hubert Turner, Premier of British Colombia 1895-98, a 1901 Head Tax document(when the charge went up to $150), The Statue of Jean-Olivier Chenier in Montreal and a photo of a Scottish family on a steamer headed for Canada circa 1895.
The Floral Emblem for British Columbia is the Pacific Dogwood(each province has it's own) :D XXX


  1. What beautiful flowers and a great page as well. Just love your storyline. It gets better every week.

  2. Wonderful story and gorgeous flowers. Your travel page is so interesting. Love the storyline.

    Janet xx

  3. Oh yes, a little baby on the way! ♥
    This is not algebra, priceless!!! :)
    I'm a little jealous to see how well you draw all those flowers... I might have to take a course, I'd love to learn that!!!

    1. They are very simple pencil sketches, then overlayed with watercolour pencil. Just get yourself a nice book of flowers and look at the petal shapes and composition :D XXX

  4. beautiful, love the softness of them :-)

  5. I adore your flower drawings, I would need more than you suggest, perhaps a dollop of talent. LOL
    Could this be the end of her Ladyship's travels? Will she not have to lie down all day to rest?

  6. What drama...and love the art card...beautiful flowers!!


  7. I love all the extra info you share with us each week. It is also so interesting. Fingers crossed for good news from Lillian. A xx

  8. another Fantastique carte postal this week...loosening up her corset...yes
    indeed...(sickness/light-headedness hmmmm...what could that mean?) oh I apologize for the parenthesis...definitely NOT algebra here...loving Miss Lillian telling it like it is! beautiful....aloha.

  9. Great card..hope Lilian getsover the queasy feelings!

  10. Great postcard, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for Effie.....

  11. Your flowers are lovely. You have a real talent for those. Your page is great! I have just GOT to find the time to create some suitqble pages for my cards.

  12. Lovely work, and I have learned something new again about the flowers! Valerie

  13. Ooh, are we going to hear the patter of tiny feet soon?
    I love the way the story is developing....
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I read a police procedural last year, set in Montreal and the discovery of a body thought to be Chenier's was an integral part of the plot...fascinating stuff.

  14. Great read! Thanks for the history lesson. I found it very interesting, since I am Canadian ;o) And, I love the story ;o) Love your flowers and yes, you are right, each province, has their own flower ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)

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