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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spots but no brushes

Edit: Got a frame with glass for £1!!! Painted it to match painting , then distressed with a sanding block :D
Well this is the pice I came uo with after watching a brilliant free art session from Tee Thompson, which she performed in a food restaurant as her internet was down at home! Can you imagine that happening in Britain?? So a big THANK YOU to TACO BELL for keeping the art flowing :DThe idea behind the class was to make art without expense...other than the paint itself, so the base is a pices of gery board from the back of an old sketchpad, with layers of old desk journal pages to add strength and interest...
picked 3 water-soluble crayons and...
smooshed with water and fingers lol(no brushes allowed)
Next I made rings by using acrylic paint and lids from my bit's n bobs jars, and scritchy-scratchy marks with a plastic fork from a salad ready meal.
More smooshing to highlight circles with inktense pencils, and the blue blobs were made with the bottom of a shaving brush I use for distressing inks :D
I did,'t have white ink, so I added white acrylic with the tip of a small paintbrush handle....
and splattered more white over the whole piece with an old toothbrush.
And I am quite pleased with the finished piece :D
I call it "Bubbles Bouncing" :D XXX


  1. Yes, a really interesting composition, simple and very effective. I like it.

  2. Isn't if funny, you see bubbles but in my telescopic glasses (they help me see in the distance) I see a universe with planets. It looks a really colourful place to live. :-) xx

  3. This is brilliant Gina love how cheerful the colours are - I too see planets xx

  4. How pleasing to the eye, Gina. This is quite clever. I will have to try this with my granddaughter on one of my babysitting days. When I do, I will share the results. Hope you are well and that spring arrives soon for you. We are at the beach now. Hoping that it gets warmer today. Have a wonderful day.

    1. On the Beach!! It actually reached 12 degrees on my back steps today, doesn't look that cold but doesn't make me want to venture into the garden lol

  5. So cool to see your developing in this beautiful painting. It feels almost as if you could dance with the bubbles and have so much fun. :)

  6. Love the result, fantastic painting.

  7. That is fantastic, thanks for sharing how it was done. Just goes to show, you don't have to use a brush to create something fab.
    Von :)

  8. wow! fabulous!!!!!

    so? did you have a good b-day????

    hugs :)

  9. Gina that's just incredible. I totally love it! Can I share it on my blog.. with my video??? *BIG giant puppy dog eyes*

    OH yeah.. I totally came to tell you that you won the drawing. LOL I have a video of the selection 'n everything.. I'll be posting that tomorrow. Woohoo.. and I'll be pulling a goodie bag for you tomorrow. Send me your addy.

    1. of course you can share it Tee, thank you for the compliment :D
      And WOO HOO ! :D
      My addy is
      58 Boynton Road
      Sheffield S5 7HN
      South Yorkshire

      :D XXX

  10. Gina, this is so cool! I love it!!! So refreshing and fun! You are so creative! I can't believe Taco Bell let this artist demonstrate in the restaurant! Good for them! Have a great day ;o)

  11. Oh it's gorgeous sweetie fabulous art!