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Friday, 23 March 2012

Lady Ophelia stands her ground!

Something ate my pics!!! So instead of re writing the whole story, I am just adding 2 pics here.
Now I'm off to check my other scheduled posts ggggrrrrrrrr....:S

Week 12 of Darcy's Postcard Challenge takes us to Israel.
Spot my problem? Israel did not exist as a country until the 1940's and my story is set in the 1890' for the sake of authenticity, Lady Ophelia will be visiting what she knows as The Holy Lands :D
(apologies again for the dull photos. The leaves are much greener and the background is sky blue behind this cluster of olives)
"Dear Miss Lillian,
Had a very heated debate with Richard after your last letter. He agreed that we should return home immediately, but I do not want to. When will I ever get the chance for such a trip again? Miss Francesca gave me an extremely thorough going over, and declared me "strong as an ox", apart from being pregnant of course. She said she had marched with armies in her younger days, and would be by my side every step of the journey. I think Richard was quietly impressed by our unity, and agreed that we would continue travelling so long as I am able.
We are presently visiting The Holy Lands. hope to journey here again, but with you as my companion. To be in the land of our Lord's birth, just amazing to even think about! We are staying in the home of one of Richards associates who's wife has recently had a baby. She made a real fuss over me, and let me nurse her infant. Babies smell so beautiful, can not wait to hold my own.
I am sure I saw Richard wipe a tear away as he looked across at me.

Yours affectionately, Effie XXX"
" My Darling Effie,
I have prayed to our Lord more since you left on your journeys than in my entire life up to this point. I wish you would return home sooner rather than later, although I do understand your not wanting this amazing adventure to end. It sounds as if you are in very capable hands with Miss Francesca, and I have to admit, the image of you nursing a tiny infant brought a tear or two to my eyes. Be assured, they are tears of joy.
Do try to visit some of the archaeological digs going on while your there.I find the items and information published in the daily newspapers fascinating.
The tulip bulbs you sent were already sprouting, so I have planted them in a container by my front door. I wonder what colour they will be?

Your ever-loving Governess
Miss Lillian xxx

p.s."the wife of whom", "who's wife" sounds so common dear."

the images on my page this week are;
a photo of Sir Walter Besant, who finished the scientific mapping of the Holy Lands in 1895(after 30 years). He was an author(Knighted in 1895), secretary to the Palestine Exploration fund, and founding member of the Society of Authors( an organization formed to legally protect literary ideas)
All other images were borrowed from Trialsanderrors Flicker page and are listed as circa 1895,
The Temple of Jupiter
Man and Horse standing by the Dead Sea
a Bedouin Chief
and ladies in a house in Jerusalem

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. OH NO! Something stole my pics, will post them again later :S

  2. Cannot view all your pics, dear.
    Great idea about the holy Lands!! :)

    1. No...I somehow managed to accidentally delete them :S...doh! :D

  3. Brilliant idea for the setting, like the olive branch too. How exciting a baby. Will she manage the whole trip.
    Jen x

  4. Loving the way this story is developing and your artwork is brilliant!
    There's something for you on my "Twilight Zone" blog.
    Hugs xx

  5. Love your story! I enjoy reading the next chapter each week.

    Great collage, the bits I can see are fab!

    Good luck with sorting it all out! M

  6. Brilliant artwork and story! I expect a visit to the Holy Lands would be on every Victorian travellers' itinerary. So glad the tour is continuing.

    Janet xx

  7. So glad to see I'm not the only one who had troubles with Israel to fit into the story! :)
    Hope you can get all the photos back up soon! Looking forward to next week. Love the story more every week! ♥

  8. Excellent story, great art work. hope you get your pics back.

  9. Very interesting and a creative solution. I can't see all the pictures, but the first two are great and sooooo give you that Holy Land feeling. I hope she can go as far and as long as she wants!

  10. great solution to the non existing country, shame your pics got eaten lol

  11. Great story, excellent work...perhaps the images went missing for a very strange reason.

  12. Great story my friend ;o) Sorry you deleted some of your pics! Next time ;o) Have a great day!

  13. Great story, and wonderful card. A xx

  14. Beautiful background page! Traveling while pregnant during that time, my she is a brave one.

  15. Love your artwork! Your postcard writings are great too. Feel like I know them!

  16. I so love to read of the wonderful young couple, and of her old governess. I wondered how you'd get round the problem of the dates, clever you, it was still the Holy Land. Love your postcard. Caz

  17. What a great solution to the problem of Israel not existing - very clever! Great card to reflect the Holy land.

  18. I don't seem to see your pictures but I do love the story. :) I'm wondering if she'll give birth by the end of the year. :))

  19. yep My first thought was - will she do something biblical since the state of Israel was recognised by the States in 1948, meaning the Palestinians were out gunned....

    of course you pulled it out the bag, another gorgeous card and simply intriguing episode of your unfolding story...


  20. I will have that prob since my L's expedition is in 1845...we'll see what I, she, comes up with :-)
    Love all those images and of course Miss Lillian's responses...I know she wants Effie safe and nearby...aloha from DC