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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lady Ophelia's blaze of glory!

Very late post this week for Darcy's Postcard Challenge...even I struggle to "get in the groove" when the sun comes out :D So I made myself stay indoors and complete my task :D

Haven't done a lot of research this week, but one interesting fact from my story's view point, was that the STEDELIJK MUSEUM was opened in Amsterdam in 1895, as a place to exhibit modern/contemporary art.

"Dear Miss Lillian,
Oh my! I have had such a strange week. Rather unsettling actually. I told Richard what you said about getting a nurse for me. He asked to read your letter, as he does not consider himself adept with "female matters". He went ever so quiet, hardly spoke for days, just sat watching me. Then, as we arrived in The Netherlands for the opening of the new art museum, he arranged interviews. My new nurse is Miss Francesca, formerly a midwife, and comes highly recommended. She is very sweet, smiles all the time. She even sings lullabies while I am napping. I feel safer now. Not that I don't...(oops sorry)...oh gosh, sorry again...I am in such a fluster. Did I mention I am expecting a baby?
Richard cried, and smiled and positively jumped for joy...then he ran outside and set fire to my corsets!

Yours affectionately Effie XXX

p.s.sending you some glorious tulip bulbs. I could not choose a colour so they packed a mixture for me."

" My darling Effie,
I am swooning with delight at the joy your postcard brings. As you know, I have no children of my own, so when your sisters and now yourself announce a new arrival, it thrills me to the core. Your new nurse sounds perfect. I am sure you will get on famously.
Will you be returning home soon? I just want to give you a big hug. I am certain Sir Richard will send you home soon.
On a sadder note, do you remember the theatre entertainments I used to take you to as a child? They were run by Mr and Mrs German Reed. Well, Mrs Reed passed away on the 18th of this month. Such a shame we will not be able to share these lovely excursions with your baby.

Your ever-loving Governess
Miss Lillian xxx"

images on my page; "Harbour at Dieppe" by Mauritz F. H. Haas
Photo of Mrs Priscilla German Reed nee Horton, who was the most sort after theatre actress in the 1800's. When she married, she and her husband set up their own theatre shows geared towards family outings as she had become disillusioned by the smuttiness of the burlesque style.
"La Bercuese" (aka Lullaby or Woman who rocks the infant) by Vincent van Gogh
The frontage of the Stedelijk Museum

Photos look a bit scruffy due to my having to close the blinds because the sun is so bright today :D

Blessed Ostara to you all (spring equinox) :D XXX


  1. OOhh so excited, we should just about fit in the birth before the 52 weeks are up. I can't wait to hear what happens next. :-) xx

  2. She is due Bonfire night!

  3. Gina, very nicely done. Beautiful postcard.
    Thanks for coming my way. This is so much fun!

  4. Wow!another great postcard.thanks for all the info.your storyline is very good to. Really good read..

  5. squeeeeeee! a postcard baby!!! how exciting.

  6. I love these tasty tulips in the envelope. Greetings.

  7. A baby! Can't wait. Will start knitting straight away! Lovely postcard and book as always.

    Janet xx

  8. Love this story and the postcards ;o) I read she is due Bonfire night ;o) How exciting ;o) Happy Spring ;o)

  9. Lovely tulips, and they look great on your Netherlands page. A babeeeee!! Hooray to no corsets too!!

  10. A wonderful page and a great card. Love your tulips... perfect for the netherland station.

  11. Wow, you are amazing I envy your ability to meet these challenges & with so much talent & imagination - great post Gina :)

    1. I think I am more OCD than I give myself credit for lol:D

  12. Wonderful pages as always and I love the way your story is developing..yay! for the baby and a woohoo for no corsets! lol
    Hugs xx

  13. is any man adept at "female matters"???? LOL.

    another beauty by you!

    hugs :)

  14. What a story! I need to save some time for participating in this challenge. :))

  15. I love the painting of this lady, totally reminds me of Vincent van Gogh.

  16. I think I also need a sweet nurse.