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Monday, 16 April 2012


For the 13 Goddesses Challenge this week I would like to introduce Durga.
She is the Hindu Warrior Goddess who's purpose is to bring justice to the world, and protect mankind from evil forces, such as; Selfishness,jealousy,prejudice,hatred, anger and ego.
She is usually depicted with 8 arms, but actual has 18 arms, each bearing a weapon given her by a God.These include; Sword, lariot,trident,mace,bow and arrow,shield,spear,discus and thunderbolt. Except one, in which hand she carries a Lotus flower.
Don't know if you've tried drawing multiple arms....I stuck with two :S
She is the wife of the Lord Shiva, and is always shown to be wearing red clothing. Sometimes she is depicted with a Fort like structure on her helmet.
Durga didn't want wishy washy colours on her page, so I used colours to show off her vibrant energy.
And then  her Tiger companion(which she rides into battle) appeared behind her.
Trying to show the shine on her chainmail Breast cover and Helmet. and I also added a conch shell, which is another of her symbols.

My Hindu Goddess DURGA who's many titles include;
The Fort
The inaccessible one
The Divine Mother
Protector of Mankind


  1. She looks fierce! :) I haven't chosen mine yet but I don't think she'll be kicking any ass. :))

  2. do you make this stuff up???? you should write a book and include your fabulous art!!!

    hugs :)

    1. No I don't :D People did that for me many generations ago. I'm just putting a bit of flesh on some forgotten old bones :D

  3. WOW!! Your Durga is so cool! And that tiger!! Perfect!!

  4. Oh my gosh, what a very strong lady, especially with those arms lol.
    Have a great week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  5. I love seeing the progression! She's so lovely and powerful!

  6. Gina, she is strong, powerful and beautiful! I love her! I did 4 crow wings on this week's Goddess ;o) LOL! Take Care ;o)

  7. She turned out beautiful! I love the WIPs! ♥

  8. She looks like someone I wouldn't want to mess with...and if she didn't do me in, I'm sure her beautiful tiger friend would! Gorgeous!

  9. ohh I look very jealous of her muscles and I am in love witz her helmet and her friend behind her ;)