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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Faerie folk

OMG!!! Just upgraded blogger and near scared myself to death making this post :( I'm sure I'll get used to it but got way confused when adding pics:S
Anyhoo, this weeks theme at The Butterfly Effect is Fairies...t'would be rude not to enter really :D
And Amy has posted a really fun video tutorial , Batik style wax resist technique!

So working in my Tyvek journal, I used Gauche paints to make a green base for my image...
and blotted with kitchen paper to get a nice textured surface
before making a brief out line sketch and dripping wax onto it.
Next I built up layers of yellow and purple and green.
After, melting the wax off again(layers of kitchen paper/newspaper and cool iron) I started adding detail to the figures and spots
I am enjoying working in a very loose style lately, which I am choosing to liken to impressionism (though I could be wrong lol)
I love the way the "drops" have a "solidity" about them.
Of course, being a Faerie, she needed wings, but I wanted to give an air of suspicion to the page, so I have given only a hint of their existence
So you tell she protecting or stealing this human child?
Or is she a loving parent, shielding her offspring from a sudden downpour?

I will also be linking this page to Journal Journey's for their theme "April showers" 
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Fabulous piece and FYI I had the same problem when I upgraded to the new blogger, in fact I avoided it for a while!


    1. I've been avoiding it all week lol, but rummaging round I found you can change back in settings, but I'm going to try it out for a bit :D

  2. I can't tell which, but what seems obvious is that the child projects a sense of being safe--sometimes.

    An, like Kathyk, I nearly peed my undies when I upgraded to the new Blogger interface lol

    I've been using it for a couple of weeks, and it still looks freaky to me. It wish it wasn't so light. Don't they realize that I'm half-blind? *sigh*

    1. New blogger is a bit minimalist for me too, and it automatically set word verification. Took me ages to find how to switch it off lol :D

  3. Love the piece - a real sense of depth - not just in the colors - but in the image there is a sense of a lot going on.

  4. I always love the texture your pieces have. :) Fairies look fantastic!

  5. Gina this is so awesome! And beautiful!
    I think it is protecting feelings, not kidnapping but then again, with fairies, you never know! heheheh
    Thanks for sharing the WIPs of this beautiful piece!

  6. Great piece!!!!!! Loves watching the process!

  7. Gina, you are brave to try out the new blogger! I am too scared too! Your new piece is gorgeous! I love all the techniques you use! I think she is protecting the human child ;o)

  8. Another wonderful painting, great background. I would say she's protecting the child.

  9. Oh how wonderful I love how you have used the wax on this page to create rain. Thank you for joining in this month with Journal Journey's

    Love Dawn xx

  10. of course she is protecting this little human...his pose shows that he voluntarily goes along...the batik dots are amazing and I love the green along with the violet!

  11. She does look strong and formidable....definately a protector! Love the colors and emotion in this piece :)