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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blatant Pimpage...What else are friends for?

Something a bit different for my face no.15 for 29 Faces in May

I've been wanting to draw one of these colourful skulls for ages, and it seemed the perfect choice of face for today :D
My friend Magaly is a writer(of scary stuff!!!) and she is releasing a new story as an e book.( you can read an excerpt HERE)
This gorgeous cover image was painted for her by another wonderfully talented friend Sunshineshelle.
Magaly's friends are so excited, because she has asked us to help with her book promotion, which she is styling as a blog hop over the next week. It will start at Magaly's Pagan Culture blog today, and finish here on my blog on the 23rd...
and 13 somebodies will be winning free copies of Magaly's new e book, while 1 somebody will also win this lovely charm bracelet!!!
Why not pop over to Magaly's blog and find out more about the adventure to come?
Hope you's an awesome story :D XXX


  1. Woohoo!! Fabulous, fabulous skull Gina. And thanks for the link - that book does look good.
    Hugs xx

  2. I've always said that if I was to be pimped it had to be blatant or nothing--no half-ass pimping for this girl, no ma'am ;-)

    You are wonderful, Gina. Thanks for the love. It goes right back at you, times many!

  3. Oh that's fabulous Gina - the skull is amazing!

  4. Hmmmm you have just given me an idea with this wonderful skul! Popjes skul, what do you think lol....with hat maybe? I am relaxing now no more faces for today.

  5. heehee wonderful skull with all its flowers and the lipstick ;))

  6. Nice skull! It's very 60's flower-power. The love, the peace and the happiness! A good omen for Magaly's book. Groovy!

  7. Interesting twist on your faces, I love.

  8. I love your skull! She is so freaky cute ;o)