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Monday, 21 May 2012


May I introduce my 12th Goddess, and the21st of my 29 Faces  for May
She is another Creator/Mother Goddess, this time of the Aboriginal people of Australia :D
It is belived that she brought the 1st Ancestors to live in Australia, and is associated with fertility, birth and death.
She is often symbolised with a Rainbow serpent, and is said to have taught the 1st people the words to the Dreamtime songs.
Her followers believe that all souls are born twins, and that one remains with Kunapipi, so that when we die we will be drawn back to it and her.
Struggled with her teeth !!!!, but think I managed to tone down her infectious smile on the finished image(1st on post)
I can't believe this challenge has almost ended, but next week is the last of my 13 Goddesses!

My Aboriginal Goddess, Kunapipi :D XXX


  1. Another very interesting goddess! Love her face.
    Hugs xx

  2. I really like her! Great choice of a goddess. :)

  3. I love to see the process you go through to complete your faces Gina. Another fab goddess.
    Have a great week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  4. How can you be that fast Gina, come and help me! I am running behind again. How do you keep up with it all! I don't only like the drawings but I love what you write with it too.

    1. Manon...none of these challenges say you have to produce them on the day, and I'm a "lot" of a lunatic as you know. Once I get an idea in my head I have to run with it...finished all my Goddesses in batches and scheduled the posts :D Run out of faces though, and Darcy won't give me the countries for her challenge in advance lol :D

  5. A beautiful goddess, love how she's smiling.

  6. What a wonderful smile! I was reading today something about souls kept by the Gods or hidden so that when we die we can reunite with them. :))

  7. That nose, those cheeks and that one gazillion watts smile, I wonder if she's my long lost Australian ancestor ;-)

    She is so beautiful, Gina. And not only because we might be related *grin* there is just something about her coffee skin, her honey eyes and that sweet way in which entire face joins together to show the what it looks like to smile.

  8. She was a lady that was nagging to be seen..I don't know her myself, but her smile was blinding me. Unfortunately no one claimed her, so maybe she is a long lost relative of yours She was giving me the name Joyce, but I was working on the goddess Kunapipi, so that's who she became for me :D XXX

  9. Yes, a face with a very powerful and smart look.

  10. Your blog is really cool! Lots to look at.
    Happy Painting.

  11. I like her alot, her look and her story, to imagine we have a twin waiting for us, very intriguing!

  12. She is beautiful Gina ;o) I love her smile, eyes and her cheeks! Brilliant ;o) Only, one more to go ;o)