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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

St Ubaldus...patron St of Autism?

Face no.22 of my 29 Faces for May
I have chosen to work with St Ubaldus for The Butterfly Effects "Patron Saint" challenge, because he is listed as patron against Autism :S Now I'm not sure how that praying to him supposed to ward of Autism, or protect those who suffer from it's effects?
In the time honoured tradition of the medieval forger/pilgrim, I decided to make an icon of this saintly gentleman...(I have several of these gorgeous metal/pewter frames)
I gessoed the base card and sketched a likeness...
and did a simple water colour image.
Tried to make it look old and faded...
then added gems, real hair to his head and beard(allegedly from the man himself, as in all good relics), and glazed with crackle glaze(which is very reflective sorry)
St Ubaldus was reputedly a kind, patient and gentle man, who bravely protected  Gubbio, by convincing the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa not to sack the city in the 1100's. He actually wanted to be a hermit, and died of natural causes.
I believe he would be very understanding of people with Autistic tendencies :D XXX


  1. Yes, you really this face has been rare. I did not know St. Ubaldo.

  2. I never heard of him, I bet Oma Linda will love this one. I love that you made him hazy and gave him jewels to shine. Lovely!

  3. You know i love this one! I should make an icon like this myself. I am always amazed how quickly you get all these challenges done!

  4. I have never heard of this Patron Saint. You did an amazing job creating him! I love how you put the painting in a metal frame and used hair and gems! So creative! I have to post my Patron Saint soon ;o)

  5. cool. I love that you did one close to your heart. crackle is a bitch to photograph (: i love that frame. i have one of those and now i want to make a little painting for it because yours looks great!

  6. Love your individual Patron Saint! He looks so kind and wise...wonderful frame you use around him :) big hugs ♥