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Monday, 18 June 2012

Dark Love, Finale...

Decided to put the last 4 pages up together, as you all know how the images progress by now :D

"Too late for flight, she stands her ground.
Still smiling as she turns around.
Quick as a flash her hordes descend.
The Queen their duty to defend.
With passion drawn from darkest soul
He battles to her side...

And with the raising of her hand
The legions now subside.
United now in passion's rage
They feed upon their lust.
Full knowing when the sun comes up,
They both return to dust."

 I "doodled a carved heart on the opening pages, so I wanted to do something similar on the closing page.

D and N...daemon and nymph :D
Don't you love the way that crow just appeared?
Hope you've enjoyed my little exercise ...the poem would probably have been longer, but I ran out of pages. Verse per page next time I think.
The middle page I am linking to Ayala Art's June Guys challenge :D XXX


  1. I have so loved your DN gave me tingles.....;)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. You're filling up this book at light sped. :) And fantastic entries. Love them!

  3. Wonderful ending! And such cool doodling.
    Hugs xx

  4. Gina,is this something you could ever part with? I love the art! I love the verses! I love how the crow just appeared!!!! I don't mind paying you! I truly love everything about it! Hugs ;o)

    1. Consider it yours :D I will post it this weekend :D

    2. Gina!!!!! I want to do something for you!!!!! Tell me what you want! Please ;o) Sorry, I am late coming back to check your blog!

  5. This has been fantastic! Love this!

  6. Yes, I like them together wrapped in their lust.

  7. Oh my, Gina! What a wonderful story of love, color and darkness. You know I'm loving it. I love their expressions, how your words add so much to the "picture" and the whole thing together, yum!

  8. it's been a wonderful visual feast and I loved it ;0) xx

  9. What a great poem...and artwork. I love how the words in your book are just as artist as the drawings.