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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What a Hoot! in progress

My friend Tee Thompson has been poorly this last week(spent time in hospital!!), yet she still couldn't resist going on line last night to entertain us with her painting skills.
This is a WIP(oil paints take ages to dry), based on the acrylic painting she did last night, based on the watercolour painting done by our nother friend Maisy :D
Background is a page in my journal painted with acrylics a few weeks ago.

Colours used; yellow ochre, burnt sienna,burnt umber and titanium white...

Will be adding black at a later date( and more detail when drier) :D
For those who where expecting me to paint "boobies"...I have a long time to wait for paint to dry so who knows what I will get up to..mwahahaha :D


  1. Gina, you always make me smile! Boobies! LOL! I love the owl! You can truly paint and make anything! Have an amazing day!

  2. I love your painting with that delicious lightness with vivid colors. I love it.

  3. Holy mother of wowness. This is stunning!! And in oils too. :) Now to wait for boobies...thinking this may be why I have to make the extra click for adult content!! :D

    1. Yep...I added the warning, s that any one that felt like lecturing me wouldn't lol :D

  4. i'll bet there's NOTHING you can't draw! what a beautiful drawing!

    lmbo... only you could pick up on VBS and the joke. too funny.

    hugs :)

  5. Wonderful, the owl looks fabulous.

  6. You are so talented ♥♥♥ the owl is amazing and I love the shining and strong colors! Looks like she is sitting in fullmoonlight ;)

  7. Did I already tell you that I LOVE owls? :)))) Amazing work, Gina!!

  8. Gina! so good to be back and see your work. LOVE the owl. Also LOVE the content warning on your blog. What a joke! Did google make you do that?! Feeling better - so breaking into things slowly. I did blog today if you would like to drop around. I won't be blogging as much for awhile - but at least I'm back in the ring. Thanks again for everything you lovely lady. love and hugs, Donna

  9. Love how you painted the owl, Gina. Awesome!

  10. fabulous painting Gina. Good to catch up today. Lynne xx

  11. Oh I love an owl ;0) Dxx