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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Treasures of the Heart

Well today is the day when Magaly would like us all to share stories of Love. As ever I had planned to make an art piece to celebrate the first time I met my hubby. I dug out my treasure box(took me ages of rummaging cos I'm ashamed to say I had forgotten where it was!)
It is an old chocolate box...the first "posh" box he bought me :D
Inside. lots of treasured 1st memories

In one envelope, a collection of 1st tickets;
Bus tickets to our first date, visit to cinema( I asked the usher if I could keep them undamged :D), nightclub entry, the paper bag that held the first box of chocs he bought me(Terry's All Gold)...and I tissue he wrote his first love not on and left under my pillow :D Aaaaaaw!
In another envelope, his button hole from our Wedding day...
And then memories from our first meeting.

It was my 19th birthday...there was a college trip to London, and my ex-tutor invited me along(I had left college because my mum was expecting). I needed to buy an outfit for my cousins wedding, so I went along. My younger sister(17yrs old) wanted to go too :S So I agreed. We are not very similar personality wise, but there would be a coach load of people to entertain her lol.

(birthday card from Harrods)

On the coach we met up with a male friend of mine called Chris, who introduced us to his friend Patrick. Patrick seemed nice, so I spent the day trying to pair him up with younger sis. She was wanting to join me on nights out and was "cramping my style". I thought if I found her a decent bloke, she would go out with him instead lol

(The boys called me George in those days :D)
Because we were clothes shopping, the guys went off on their own, and bought me a card and a chocolate lolly from Harrods

(the lollies were cheap because it was 2 weeks after valentines lol)
...and a helium filled heart-shaped balloon :D

By the time we arrived back in our home town, I had succeeded in pairing up Patrick and my sis, but when the guys wanted to take me to the pub for a birthday drink, she went all prim and proper..."but it's after 10, we should be going home." It was my birthday!!! So I told her she could go home...I was going with the guys. They were great company(nice blokes), and thought they'd done something to offend her. I assured them they hadn't, and when the pub closed Patrick offered to walk me home while Chris gave some other friends a lift to the next village.
It was a beautiful still evening...we chatted amiably, and didn't even hold hands. When we got to the front door, he asked if I would like to go out with him on a proper date sometime...I said "yes...when?"
He said "Tomorrow?", I agreed :D
One gentle parting kiss...and 30 years later we are still together :D

Oh gosh...I got all teary reading this back on preview hahaha :D
I always say He is the best birthday present I ever got :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Beautiful story, Gina. Your hubby must be a wonderful person. :) I'm not good at keeping memories. I cannot even find my wedding band.... ehehehe....

  2. Gina, this is perfect. I can't wait to be with my Piano Man for ages and go over my grenade box (where I keep that kind of stuff) and reminisce. I got all warm inside reading your story. And to think you tried to match him up with your sister; life is so strange and wonderful.

    Congrats on 30 years!

  3. gorgeous! i adore this type of memoir collage.
    you've inspired me to put my past into a themed
    work of art.

    you are so romantic, I would love to have you
    grace the pages of my new zine: white curtains
    with a letter in the form of a poem or just
    in the form of a letter the only caveat is the
    letter cannot be more than seven lines.

    what do you think?

    pleas contact me:


  4. OooooOOoo! made me go all teary. Beautiful Memories Gina. You are a very fortunate couple. :o) xoDonna

  5. A lovely post Gina. memories are such a treasure in life.
    Thanks you for sharing.

  6. Gina, I am getting all teary eyed from just reading you and Magaly's stories! I love your treasure box. I think it's very funny, that you tried to pair Patrick up with your sister. Isn't it interesting how things turn out! Big Hugs, thanks for sharing!

  7. A lovely post; congrats on 30 years together!

  8. Just a romantic post - thanks for sharing your memories and treasures.

  9. That lovely love story. I hope that this story will last for many, many years. Fond memories.

  10. gorgeous box. i love rummaging thru old stuff. too bad i toss everything out. i keep nothing. i'm lucky i have photos and even they're in a place i can't get to!

    storms all around us here too. i always say... sandwich, illinois is GOD'S valley. everything happens around us. we need rain desperately. i'm sure the 4th fireworks will be cancelled and i'll be surprised if they're not. it's way too dry.

    hugs :)

  11. aaawww so romatic! Looks like you are a very happy couple Hugs to you both :)

  12. Wonderful story Gina. Dh and I had hundreds of letters. I wrote him every day in High school. But only a couple survived. Not much in them important, but it certainly shows the love. ;)

    P.S. You said you went to a pub. Is the UK different in the drinking age there?

    1. 18 is the legal drinking age in the UK :D...though if your a "local" the Landlords would turn a blind eye to 17 if you behaved sensibly :D. but that was a long time ago now.

  13. How fabulously romantic ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  14. You made me all teary eyed as well! What a lovely romantic story.
    Hugs xx

  15. Gina!!! This is so romantic. I got all teary eyed reading the post, and my heart is overflowing. Thank you for sharing. xx