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Friday, 29 June 2012

Lady Ophelia appears on the stage!

Week 26 of Darcy's Postcard Challenge finds Lady Ophelia in the United States of America
I can't believe how quickly time is passing, halfway through the year and managed to carry my story through each country. I have been waiting for this I recently watched Doris Day in Calamity Jane with my 13 year old son, and spent most of it on google checking how accurate the story was lol. 1895 was the right year for Lady Ophelia to meet up with her in the U.S.A :D
The state flower of New Hampshire (where they meet) is the Purple Lilac. Ophelia's watercolour is a bit sparse this week, as she was having too much fun to concentrate, and she is sure Lillian knows what a lilac tree looks like :D
"My dearest Lillian,
I have had the most amazing adventure yet, here in Concord New Hampshire! Mr Cody's Wild West Show is gathering here for the 4th of July celebrations, and Richard arranged for me to visit the site...IT WAS FABULOUS!!! I met a lady called Calamity Jane, though her actual name is Martha. She and Miss Francesca got along famously, and spent the whole visit smoking cigars and swapping stories of great heroism. Richard warned me that they may have added a few embellishments to their accounts, but I do not care. Watching them together I could feel the sense of camaraderie one normally finds in old soldiers. Which is in fact what they are.
I also met a group of actresses dressed as the native american tribe "that lives around these parts" as Miss Cannary would say. They braided my hair, and gave me a doll fashioned on a native woman. I will keep it in a safe place, as it is a gift for the baby.They would not let me ride one of the war ponies, but instead allowed me the great honour of a seat on the mail coach...apparently our own Prince of Wales rode in it when the show came over to England for Her Majesty's Jubilee.
I love this place! So full of energy. I can see why so many of our people choose to come and live here.
Your affectionate friend, Ophelia xxx"
" My darling Ophelia,
I am so pleased you finally got to see that magnificent show. You were only 11 years of age when they came to Manchester, and your father refused me permission to take you.He did not believe it was suitable entertainment for a young lady. I am still of the opinion that he was wrong. A young lady needs a rounded education, not just sewing and piano lessons.
I do hope Miss Francesca was not "unwell" after your visit with the infamous Calamity Jane, she is quite a character is she not?
The Lilacs here have already faded, but the roses you have been sending are blooming magnificently. Marcus has acquired the piece of land adjacent to my cottage, with a view to extending our garden...oh... I have not told you...Marcus has moved in with me. Now do not reprimand me over my reputation. I am 43 years of age and Marcus is 45. We have decided to marry in August, but saw no reason to live apart at our age. I wanted to wait til you returned, but Marcus thought that too long. We are planning to hold a party in the garden, so that you can be with us in spirit. He is also planning to extend the cottage, in order to add a small classroom, so I can give extra tuition to children in the village. It will feel good to be busy again.
your devoted friend, Lillian xxx
Images on my page: 
1890's poster for Buffalo Bill's show, photo of actresses dressed as Pennacook tribes women circa 1900, Calamity Jane 1895, The Deadwood Stage from the Wild West show Concord 1895, a doll in the style of a native american woman.
Card on page
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. LOvely card, the flower is so pretty, Yes, wehave made it half through the year, I hope a few keep it up till the end! Valerie

  2. Fabulous tale...In my dreams I am Calamity but only if Howard Keel is the leading man ;) Love the new blog header too
    xoxo Sioux

  3. WOW, Gina. I didn't really realize this story went on for a year. I'll try and catch up now. It's nice to be back and I'll try and be here more often as I heal. I've missed you - thanks for all your emails! Truly appreciated. hugs, Donna

    1. Yep :D The challenge is actually called "52 postcards for 2012" Darcy sets a theme each year to inspire us to art each week :D Glad your feeling stronger :D

  4. I am so impressed with your research and story. :)) Great postcard and book page!

  5. Lovely Card <3 Half way Already :-p

    yea for playing along'age <3

  6. Super story and pictures. Big fan of the Wild West here! Miss Lillian is a bit of a girl isn't she?!

    Janet xx

  7. Gina, you have put so much into this story! It's a great read and I love the pictures and the art! Smoking cigars and swapping stories! Fun stuff! I bet riding on the mail coach was fun! Lillian and Marcus are living together! Naughty, naughty! LOL! Take Care, Gina ;o)

  8. Yes, very beautiful, endearing, since childhood I love the old American West.

  9. Fabulous how you keep inserting new people to the story, another marvelous. i should make a new hat.

  10. Wow, talk about fantasy! The bit about "hair braiding" is funny. The romantic aspect of the 'old west' is charming and it's nice to see you indulge.

    1. Thanks Kelly, I nearly went the other way, with Sir Richard trying to point out the injustice that was going on, but I'd had a heavy week and wanted to keep the story light-hearted. A Native American gentleman actually died in Sheffield during a later tour, was buried here, and later returned to his homeland after relatives doing family research found out about him :)

  11. How very daring of Miss Lillian!!!I love this story and your beautiful collage is wonderful.
    Hugs xx

  12. a great are very clever how you get the your characters involved with each country.always a great read....

  13. Love this weeks adventure, your story is brilliant, love that Miss Lillian is marrying her beau too. Like the painting.
    Jen x