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Sunday, 3 June 2012

You don't have to stink to be strong!'s June, and I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of 29 Faces for May challenge.
But WAIT! Martha is such a lovely inspirational woman, that she has suggested we do a less taxing challenge this month called June Guys, focussing on portraits of men :D(I feel an eye-candy rush coming on lol) Do as few or as many as you wish, and just add to the linky here (remember to label your posts ,june guys, so you only have to link once)

My journal page today is about being a strong woman.
Many my opinion, misunderstand what being a strong woman is.

Many woman, in my experience, think being a strong woman just means hating men. Trying to demoralise and belittle them at every opportunity...

I believe, being a strong woman, is to support my men folk...especially when they are tired and afraid.
I have often heard it reported (historically, and in these uncertain days) that even the strongest of men will cry out for their mother in the heat of battle. Which proves to me that they were raised by strong, LOVING, women.

I screwed up on the lettering, but I'm sure I'll get over it :D XXX


  1. Fabulous! Love the drawing and the's oh, so true!
    Hugs xx

  2. I so love the drawing and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment.

  3. Gosh I was just warned there is adult content on your blog and it really made me laugh... a
    A strong person isn't afraid to show emotion so I will cry with the man in battle! Love your art Gina and men are defintely your strong point!

  4. Awesome!
    And yes, i agree! Women that attack men are IMO the most insecure. The stronger ones don't need to minimize anyone to feel better.
    And as for guys, they have their little heart as well. The right to feel human and weak even if only in private. :o)

  5. This is fantastic Gina!!! Supporting someone, instead of putting them down, is a very strong person! Love the face!!!

  6. Gorgeous drawing and you are so right about them needing our support. Being able to be supportive says more about us than about the men.

  7. What a great statement and wonderful drawing! Looking forward to a manly June.

  8. Let's see with what kind of men Gina comes up. :) Great sktch!

  9. Gina, you must be taking residence in my brain! Yesterday, at school, I had the old, "But you sound and act like a feminist, how can you say that you like cooking, ironing, and feeding a man?" I'm dead freaking serious.

    I told the girl that, one, I wasn't a feminist that I knew of. And if I ever embraced the philosophy, I doubt that I would do it because I lost the kind of love that inspired me to want to do things for the man I adore or because I didn't like certain roles.

    I, too, believe that "you don't have to stink (or be bitter, or annoying, or mind-limited) to be strong" Yep, I like cooking, cleaning, and preferred for my man to open my door. And I can also shoot a person's head off from 500 yards, assemble and disassemble a rifle in seconds, and beat the living crap out of an idiot and grin after I'm done. I would do all of that like a lady, of course, and without stinking lol

    1. Oops! Didn't mean to comment-jack ;-)

    2. :D I want to be a marine too...but I can't cope with the healthy diet lol :D I don't mind the idiot bashing though :D XXX

  10. Looking forward to seeing the men Gina!!!
    I can't agree more with your thoughts.
    xoxo Sioux

  11. I love what you write about the strong women and I abolutely agree!! and I love that your scetch turned out from a hard face to an lovable...♥